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Does anyone know if there is a group like this in the Seattle Area? We are relocating to Redmond (30 minutes outside of Seattle) and I know very little about the area.. I assume I can do next but it isn’t the same! 

Thank you! Don’t want to leave BPN’ers! 

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We have friends in Redmond who just had a baby and suggested PEPS if you have young children

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I know Redmond very well.  You'll be in the middle of Microsoft country.  Traffic is just as bad as in the Bay Area so are housing prices.  It's beautiful, green and you'll get a lot of rains and some snow. compared to the Bay Area.  I know Microsoft has an internal BPN like mailing lists but it's for Microsoft employees only.  If you are living in Redmond Seattle is a haul so you'll be spending your time in Bellevue.  There are so many Microsoft employees it's like you are living in a company town.  Amazon and one of the cell phone companies have a large presence in surrounding cities. There are a lot of Indians living there and you'll find a lot of Indian (not native American) culture.  Do you like Indian food?  There are lots of Indian restaurants.  Do  you like fish?  Especially salmon?  My favorite restaurant is a Thai restaurant, Bai Tong.  It's by Safeway.  Your find the all of the same stores you find in San Francisco and you will get the feeling you are in in San Francisco, but you know you aren't.  People joke that Bellevue is a San Francisco want to be.  I have always felt safe there.  I would say Redmond, Bellevue and Kirkland are all much safer than San Francisco.  (Kirkland is a bit like Sausalito) Seattle is a different story, it's on par with SF and they have their homeless as well.  If you like wine your close to Washington's "Napa Valley".  In general the people there are all very nice but I will say there is a lot of flashy wealth to impress.  Not my thing, so to me it's a negitive  I guess best way to describe Redmond would be to say it's living in Cuppertino/Sunnyvale, Palo Alto or  "Apple teritory".  Everyone in the town works/worked for or depends on Microsoft for a job.  Oh, and you know about the weather, right?  I think they hold the record for the city with the most overcast days or days you won't see the sun.  I think it was somethig like 3 months.

Hope this gives you some idea of what you are for.  It's not bad place, but I think moving there from the Bay Area will take some adjusting.  Hope you will like it.  If not, remember you can always move back.

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I also recommend PEPS. We had a great experience with it when we lived in Washington. Very supportive and a great way to meet friends.