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 My husband and I will most likely have an opportunity to relocate to Atlanta, GA, through my employer. He is hoping to be able to work remotely, but may need to look for another job (he hasn't discussed this with his employer since my move is not 100% certain yet). I am in my late thirties, and he is in his early forties, and we have a two year old daughter. We don't have any close relatives in the Bay Area. Would you recommend such move? Is there anything in particular for us to consider? Our primary concern is the quality of public schools, which seem to be rated lower than California's. In Atlanta, we'll most likely end up in Buckhead. We currently live in Alameda, and commute to San Francisco and San Mateo, respectively. Thank you for your  input! 

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Look into Decatur, GA -- next door and schools are reputed to be quite good.

Atlanta will cost less and have many . pros and cons relative to the bay area.

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Your situation sounds a lot like mine! I’m moving to Richmond, VA next month. I have a 2 year old and my husband will work remotely. We bought a 2100 sq ft house 10 min from downtown with great schools. Our family is all east coast, so looking forward to seeing them more. Our new mortgage is $1200!! We’ll miss the Bay Area for sure, but I think we’ll be getting a much better quality of life for our family. No traffic, better schools, safe neighborhood... I feel like I don’t take advantage of what SF offers because it’s so hard to get anywhere with a toddler. Can’t stop for the potty in bay bridge traffic, right?! A good friend of mine moved to Decatur, GA 2 years ago from Richmond, CA. I think the schools in that area are great, but it might be a pricier suburb. 

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i lived in atlanta for a year before moving here to the Bay Area. We were eager to get here and as soon as we did we were just like “oh, shit. Did we make a mistake!” My family is here, so we didn’t. But Atlanta does have a lot to offer. We lived in Decatur, and we definitely miss it.  Check it out. It’s goegeous, the schools are great, there is awesome walkability to restaurants etc. it is the south. There is a lot of cultural differences, it’s hard, but I think over all, it’s a good move. Good luck!!!