Moving to Atlanta

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August 2004

My husband and I have decided to escape the exhorbitant cost of living and move to Atlanta, GA (also, I have a brother there, whereas we have no family here). We would like to live in a relatively enlightened area, but one that isn't too expensive or crime ridden. Does anyone have any neighborhood recommendations, either pro or con? Atlanta is a huge area, so I'd like to know where to start. Thanks, returning to the South after 20 years Jennifer

Hi. I'm headed out to Atlanta myself. One of the things I've found useful is joining They have an Atlanta tribe and you can ask them all kinds of questions about Atlanta. They are a pretty friendly bunch.

5 points is pretty $$$, Decatur is more like Berkeley/Oakland (socially etc) and that's about all I know so far. I've been told by people that live in Atlanta to get the job first, then get the apartment, house based on how close it is to where you will be working.

Apparently, believe it or not, the traffic there is worse than here. How that's possible, I don't know. I've been looking at Craigslist in Atlanta at rentals to get an idea of how much things cost.

I was surprised that the rents weren't that much lower than here, but you get more bang for your buck there. For example the houses have dishwashers, or DSL is included, etc.

If you want more information about getting into the Atlanta tribe on, email me. beth