Recommendations on Helping My 16 y/o quit nicotine

Have any of you tried to help your teen get off nicotine? She's been vaping and now started cigarettes. She says she wants to stop. I found a man who does hypnotherapy and says he has a 90% success rate. It's pretty expensive but if it were true, it would be worth it. Have any of you tried hypnosis for quitting smoking? He did say she has to want to stop and be willing to pay for part of the treatment, so she has "skin in the game". I'm not sure if she is going to go for that.  He also said, if someone doesn't want to stop, nothing you can do can make them, which I agree with. 

Please weigh in with your thoughts, experiences, etc..

Thank you!!

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Many people I know have had good success with “The Easy Way to stop Smoking” by Allen Carr. 

Good to read it a few times and combine with The Nada protocol- an Acupuncture treatment for addiction . 

Hope that helps! 

My dad smoked for 20 years and tried many many things to quit. What finally worked for him was acupuncture. He was doubtful, as "alternative medicine" is not something he believes in. But it did the trick.

Kaiser has a good smoking cessation program. They had a CD you could buy which was helpful to my sister in law. Even if you are not a member you can buy things in their shop. Good luck. It's hard for a teen to see long term consequences. But cancer sucks. Good luck!

Our son also wanted to quit and had success with Chantix.  It's a tough addiction, good luck!