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Chain smoking 17 year old

Dec 2011

I have a seventeen year old son with ADHD and is a recovering drug addict. He going to young people AA meeting weekly. He is a chain smoker and I am allergic to nicotine, is there any programs that I could take my son to. For example visiting a person that has throat cancer or lung cancer. I know it is his decision to stop smoking but I would like him to visually see what could happen to him. A healthy parent that wants to stay that way.

Here is some information that can help you help your teen quit smoking.

Here is information from the American Cancer Society about teen smoking - knowing the risks can help motivate your teen to quit: http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/CancerCauses/TobaccoCancer/ChildandTeenTobaccoUse/child-and-teen-tobacco-use?docSelected=child-and-teen-tobacco-use-ref

The American Cancer Society (1.800.ACS.2345 www.cancer.org) has free brochures with images of healthy vs. tobacco affected lungs - and you can also ask for materials that focus on young people to be sent to you to leave where he can see them.

You can also connect with the Californa Smokers Helpline which is free and provided by the California Dept of Public Health. http://www.californiasmokershelpline.org/

Talk also with your health insurer which may have other support groups or resources to help your teen quit including medications like NRT. Some employers also offer smoking cessation programs as a employee benefit and extend that benefit to family members as well. Check with your HR dept to see if your employer has such a program.

People who care about teen health and risks of teen smoking should be aware of an initiative on the upcoming June ballot. Californians can vote to increase the tax on cigarettes by $1/pack with funds going to cancer research. The California Cancer Research Act if passed will have a direct impact on teen smoking and prevention efforts. Learn more (and volunteer) at CaliforniansforaCure.org or contact me at jkatz [at] cancer.org Janna

If he is open to it, I would suggest that you consider therapeutic hypnosis to help your son quit smoking. Most stop smoking hypnosis programs have a very high success rate and are used with great effectiveness by various companies and organizations to help their people stop smoking. It may also help your son with his drug issues as well. There are a number of options available in the Bay area, if you search online under the phrase ''stop smoking hypnosis programs.'' Best of luck! B.

Smoking cessation program for teen


I have a teen who is smoking. Does anyone know of a smoking cessation program specifically oriented toward teens? How have others handled this? Anonymous

In response to the parent who wants information about smoking cessation for teens, I'd like to share the following:

The Tobacco Prevention Program at Berkeley High School has tobacco use cessation services for Berkeley students. For information, call Karen Perry or Marcia Brown-Machen at 644-8987. Teen (and adult) information and/or cessation counseling is also available by phone at the California's Smokers Helpline: 1-800-NO BUTTS. For more information about other resources for quitting, including hypnosis, acupuncture, other community quit groups and information on the use of nicotine patches and the new no-smoking pill, Wellbutrin (Zyban), or to chat about teens and smoking, you can e-mail: QuitNow AT ci.berkeley.ca.us or phone 644-6422.

Thanks, Marcia Brown-Machen, MPH
Tobacco Prevention Program Director
2344 6th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 665-6808
MBrown-Machen AT ci.berkeley.ca.us