rash guard/swim top for "tomboy" with developing breasts

My 10 yo daughter identifies as a girl but prefers to dress like a boy. For many years she has worn traditionally "boys" swim trunks and rash guards. She now has breast buds and would like to conceal them while continuing to wear boys swimwear. Should I have her wear a girls "bra" type swim top underneath her preferred "boy"/gender neutral rash guard? Or is there another solution? I think that rash guards that are sold with padding will be too feminine for her tastes. If you have specific products or brands to recommend, that would be appreciated! TomboyX seems to have great sports bras that would suit her (and her size 3xs), but their smallest swimsuit size is XS (i.e., too big). Thanks!

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My 13 yo is very self conscious about her chest area and wears a regular sports bra (girls size 12 or Target girls M) under a rash guard which is a little looser, maybe a size L. Even a regular "training bra" with light padding would work well in this situation. Mine will not wear a girls bikini style top with little padded triangles, and heck, I don't blame her and I wouldn't either.

Title 9 or REI should have something that works. Depending on her size and self-consciousness she might manage with just a rash guard or Tankini top. Otherwise she can wear a swim bra under — dolphin has some swim shorts for women as well. Lands end might also have something. I wear a rash guard and swim shorts myself.