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Where to find appropriate bathing suit for 12-year old

June 2008

My 12-1/2 year old has a budding-teen figure and is 5'3'' tall. It's hard to find an appropriate bathing suit for her. For example, she thought the suits in the Girls department at Target were too babyish (and she's almost too big for a Girls 16 anyway) and I found most of the suits in the women's/juniors department too ''va-va-voom.'' She needs a one-piece for some summer activities. Any suggestions appreciated. lora

We use the Speedo website for swimming suits for my 13 year old daughter. They have standard one-piece suits, which my daughter prefers, along with other choices. Rita

Sporting goods stores should have basic Speedo team-type one piece suits in adult sizes. Bonus is the inside bra section for extra modesty. swim team mom

The Title Nine store on Tenth Street in Berkeley just south of Gilman (basically behind REI) is one option. Not a lot of color choices as I recall when my daughter went there, but straightfoward and nice one-piece suits. They may have more variety in the catalog or on their website ( REI itself is another possibility.

Bathing Suit with Bra-like support

August 2006

Desperately seeking swimsuit! Does anyone know where to find a suit with real support (like a bra). I wear about a size 12 suit but my bra size now while still nursing is 38G! The stretchy strappy style just isn't very flattering or comfortable. needing support

I've had this problem for years! The best bathing suit I've ever found is a Speedo. It has a built in underwire bra--way too small (It's probably a C or D cup bra), but more important than the built in cup size is the construction of the whole suit--the back of the suit clips in the middle of my back, where my bra usually fastens, and that means that even if the cup size isn't right, the support is in the right place to transfer the weight of my breasts to my back and shoulders. Oh, and the best thing--the outer layer of the bathing suit is seamless, so it doesn't draw attention to the fact that there's a bra inside a DDD cup since age 14

Check out the Lands' End website - they have many different suit styles with a range of support - including full underwire options. They specialize in swimsuits that fit real women's bodies. Curvy too

When I was heavily nursing, what I did was to wear a good underwire bra underneath my regular bathing suit! Good luck! anon

Comfortable swimsuit for heavier woman

June 2006

Hi, I am 5ft 2 inches petite on heavier side. Weigh around 165 pounds. I need to find a good comfortable swim suit/shorts. Is here a place which anyone could recommend? I am not comfortable showing my thighs/hips so need one which covers up but should'nt be very obvious. Thks, Annie

Land's End has a very good selection with many suits that cover problem areas. You can also do an on-line model where you give measurements and then try clothes on your model. It has actually worked for me ! The suits are a bit spendy (especially for Land's End) but I've found them work the price. Good Luck. - RK

Lands End suits are great for a variety of body types. Skirts or loose shorts you either add over the suit or that are incorporated are becoming quite popular and some of the Lands End suits you can buy by the pieces so, for example, a tankini top with a skirted bottom. They sell them at Sear's so you can try on styles there and if you mail order and it doesn't fit, you can return it through Sear's rather than schlepp to the post office. The Lands End web site also lets you design a 3D model of yourself that you can try at least some of the clothes on. camoflage co-conspirator

Land's End --

Hello there! I have the same problem, tho on an exponentially larger scale (I'm 6' and weigh #220), though i think just about everyone loathes getting a new swimsuit. I have had the best luck with Land's End bathing suit separates, either in the long-waisted styles for extra tummy coverage or the Women's catalogue for larger sizes. The bottoms selection include a quick-drying swim mini that's flattering. The tops have a good supportive bra in most styles too. They also have one-piece slimmer suits with a rock hard girdle tho I find these pretty uncomfortable. You try 'em on in your own home, and if they don't fit, send 'em back! The one draw back-expensive, but they wear like iron, mix and match season to season,and are actually kinda stylish. Hope this helps! Well-suited goddess

To the woman looking for a swim suit: Try the H2O Wear catalog ( They have all kinds of suits, including whole body suits, suits with knee-length legs, and suits with front zippers. H20 was recommended to me by Peggy at the Albany Pool; lots of instructors wear them to keep warm. They're also good for sun coverage. Good luck! H2O fan

Check out Lands End - I bought two swimsuits there this year, and I love them (and I usually HATE wearing swimsuits). The downside is that you have to pay for shipping costs, and I bought two different sizes because I didn't know which size would fit. The good news is that you can return Lands End merchandise at your local Sears. Another place I'd check out is LL Bean - I think they have bathing suits with shorts Good luck!

If you're willing to shop for one online, Land's End has a great selection of suits for every body type Anon

I buy at
plus mom

Try the Avenue stores - there's one in El Cerrito Plaza and one in Pinole, possible more around. I have always found a good selection there. This time of year they can be pricey, however. Costco carries a line of Speedo swimsuits for $19.99. If you find the ones that are labelled ''moderate'' or ''conservative'' they will cover the top of your hip area. I noticed this year they also have some with a little skirt (they are nice, not weird like those old fashioned skirted swimsuits) Naomi

A lot of people have mentioned Land's End. Note that you can return their merchandise at the Sears in downtown Oakland, which makes ordering from Land's End really convenient. I always order a bunch of different styles to try, and then return the ones that don't work hassle-free

Swimsuit for very slim woman with large bust

June 2006

I desperately need your help! :)) I have a huge problem finding bathing suits because I am very slim with very large breasts (DD) In a bra I wear 32 DD. So, all bathing suits I find are either for slim women with small breasts (no support) or for bigger women. I used to live in a different city and there I knew a woman that made bathing suits according to your taste and needs. They were lovely bc. they provided support and were very youthful (not gramma looking suits). I am wondering if anyone knows of a person in this area that would provide a service like that. I really would appreciate your help since I would love to go to the beach and, right now, I cant't. Thanks a lot In-need-of help.

I have the same problem (D cup top/ sz 4 bottom), and I actually need an underwire bra style which is hard to find without padding. There are a number of places to buy the top and bottom separately. KECHIKA is one such brand that has unpadded underwire tops that are as supportive as real bras. Go to http:// to find a retailer. One of the best on the web is: http:// Also, has separate bottoms and tops. Try also (lot of d and dd size tops). Also try -- TA

Good selection of teen swim suits?

April 2002

Where are places in the Bay Area that have a good selection of bathing suits that teenage girls would like? Toby

We've found bathing suits at Limited Too, although I'm not sure what size those would go to. They're a bit expensive, but do seem to hold up for the season. Chris

Believe it of not we found a bathing suit at Ross in the new El Cerrito Plaza. Great selection the day we were there, and less than $20. Heather