Practitioner for child with candida?

My 10 year old has been suffering from a skin rash that has resisted a host of treatments for more than a year.  I've only recently come to think that it may be candida overgrowth and is related to other more minor skin conditions that come and go.  I am looking for a practitioner with some experience diagnosing and treating candida, especially in kids.

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You didn't say what kinds of practitioners you've seen or what treatments you've tried, but speaking as someone who has sensitive skin and a history of all kinds of rashes, I recommend seeing a dermatologist. If you've already seen a dermatologist, get a second opinion from another dermatologist. Just anecdotally, candida is what causes thrush and vaginal yeast infections, and I don't think it's too common as a rash on the skin other than diaper rashes, but if that's what your daughter has, a dermatologist should be able to test for that.