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  • Lichen sclerosus

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    I have recently been diagnosed with this, and am really struggling to accept it. I am using the prescribed cream but wondering if anyone has had success with long term remission, and if so, how? I am considering naturopathy, acupuncture, etc. in addition to the conventional approach. Thank you.

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    Lichen sclerosis sucks. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I was diagnosed with LS in 2011 and was also prescribed a steroid cream. I've been in remission since 2012. I don't know if it was using the cream as directed or something else that put me into remission. I didn't do anything else intentionally to treat it other than attempt to reduce my stress. I hope the cream works for you!

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    There is a yahoo group ( that has loads of information and alternative treatment options. 

    I was diagnosed while I was pregnant with my first baby. It was very scary but after delivery and application of the prescribed creams, it went away. So in my case, I did get better without having to do anything else.

    I did find that using a certain brand of sanitary pads made the lichen sclerosis flare up. You can get info on this from the yahoo group.

    good luck. 

    RE: Lichen sclerosus ()

    Oh boy, I am sorry.  This is a terrible diagnosis to have.  But there is hope!  Have you heard of the Autoimmune Paleo diet (AIP)?  It has a long track record of helping to heal autoimmune illness.  Not cure.  But reverse and heal.  Here is a podcast from my favorite AIP website:  One of the people she interviews has Lichen sclerosus.  Hope you can listen to this podcast and poke around her website.  AIP isn't an easy diet to follow, but it helps to heal damage.  There are lots of resources on the internet - recipes, support etc.  I've been doing it for 4 years now.  Good luck!

  • Practitioner for child with candida?

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    My 10 year old has been suffering from a skin rash that has resisted a host of treatments for more than a year.  I've only recently come to think that it may be candida overgrowth and is related to other more minor skin conditions that come and go.  I am looking for a practitioner with some experience diagnosing and treating candida, especially in kids.

    You didn't say what kinds of practitioners you've seen or what treatments you've tried, but speaking as someone who has sensitive skin and a history of all kinds of rashes, I recommend seeing a dermatologist. If you've already seen a dermatologist, get a second opinion from another dermatologist. Just anecdotally, candida is what causes thrush and vaginal yeast infections, and I don't think it's too common as a rash on the skin other than diaper rashes, but if that's what your daughter has, a dermatologist should be able to test for that.