Playground surface (rubber) repair for school

We need to fix some patches on the ground of my child's preschool.  I believe it's called poured-in-place rubber playground surfacing.  Does anyone have any recommendations or have suggestions as to the most cost efficient, nice looking and safest way to do it? Have you used any specific companies or done yourself?


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I work for a preschool, and we used the same vendor that the City of Albany uses to replace our PIP (poured in place). They did a great job and it was the most affordable, responsible company I found out of all the ones I contacted: If it's starting to get beat up there is a chance that all of it needs to be replaced. I would ask a vendor but if I remember correctly, PIP has a life span of about 20 years max. 

I can't imagine doing this yourself. The material is heated up and literally poured hot and smelly. I can't imagine that it's sold in the small quantities that you would probably need for just patching, and then you would have to figure out how to heat it up enough to melt and pour it. Then it needs to cool and firm up of a couple of days. Just in case you aren't aware of it, playgrounds (including private preschools) are supposed to follow the specifications detailed in the Playground Safety Handbook issued by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission :