Pediatrician in San Mateo?

Hi parents!

We're moving from Berkeley to San Mateo. I looked all through BPN and there doesn't seem to be any thread for pediatrician recommendations in San Mateo per se. Anyone who has had good or bad experiences with pediatricians there? I don't even know where to start looking for a good practice with knowledgeable staff for my three year old. I'd like to have an excellent pediatrician, preferably female, who takes time to answer my questions, considers her patients holistically but who is also practical when it comes to serious ailments. My daughter has always been very suspicious of doctors, so they need to be patient with her to get her collaboration even to get her weight. Any thoughts or recommendations will be highly appreciated!    

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We had a good experience with Dr Vanita Jindal at Stanford’s San Mateo practice when we lived on the peninsula. All the peds docs there are excellent. 

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When we lived in the area we used, and were very happy with, Peninsula Pediatrics.  We saw and loved Dr Jeff Tan in the Burlingame office but with little ones at the time ended up seeing many of the docs in both Burlingame and San Mateo and found them to be a great group, not dissimilar from our experiences here with Berkeley Pediatrics if that helps.  They were originally recommended to us by another mom who’s also a physician.  Best of luck with your move!