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Whole Child Wellness

March 2010

I'd like to hear from anyone who has had experience - good or bad - with Whole Child Wellness in Belmont. We have decided not to vaccinate according to the 'recommended' schedule, and will likely not vaccinate at all. We would like to find a pediatrician - trained in Western medicine but with a naturopath/homeopathy leaning/preference - who will support our choice, and even better, who has the same point of view on vaccines as we do. If you do not have a recommendation to make on WCW but know of other pediatricians that fit the description above, I would love to get your recommendation. Someone local to the East Bay would be ideal. Thank you! - new mommy

Hi, I would like to strongly recommend Whole Child Wellness. My husband has known Dr. Song, the founder, since their undergrad education at Stanford and we are very familiar with her work. Our daughter has low muscle tone and complications stemming from a tongue-tie that was not corrected after the first clip. Dr. Song has provided us with very thorough and successful homeopathic regimens and holistic recommendations for treating concerns ranging from mastitis (for me) to a yeast infection in my daughter's mouth from my antibiotics, in addition to general pediatric consultation. During the swine flu panic, Dr. Song and her colleagues wrote extensive newsletters that respectfully addressed the concern from all perspectives, including Dr. Song's own personal decision to get vaccinated herself (she was pregnant at the time). They also provided the safest H1N1 vaccines that they could find, without many of the controversial additives. The office is run in a competent manner, and Dr Song is truly a physician who draws upon multiple modalities (allopathic, homeopathic, and holistic) to provide wonderful care in a very warm, friendly, and professional environment. Anonymous

I commend you for trying to do what is best for your child. But I strongly encourage you to look carefully at the quality of internet information sources on vaccines--and consider how you would feel if your child died of Haemophilus b meningitis--which happened to a vaccine delaying parent in Minnesota last year. A local reaction to a vaccine is visible to a new parent; but the diseases the vaccines are proven to prevent are still around and can be devastating. science aware Mom

San Mateo or Burlingame

Feb 2009

Can anyone recommend a good pediatrician in the San Mateo or Burlingame area? Thanks!

I love Dr. Linda Pope in Burlingame at Rowland and Associates. All the doctors we have seen in the practice have be great. Dr. Pope schedules plenty of time for visits and never seems in a hurry. She is willing to 'wait and see', ie. not super quick to prescribe antibiotics. Although vaccinations come up at each well child visit, I have never felt pressured (we are slow vaxers). Tara

My son's pediatrician is moving from San Francisco to a new practice in Mountain View called El Camino Medical Group and we're really sad to see her go. If you haven't selected one yet we highly recommend her. I can't say enough rave reviews about her. She listens, is patient, thorough, responds to all questions and phone calls promptly. And most importantly really cares about your child. We're going to miss her so much. Hope this helps. Elaine


June 2003

We're expecting our first baby in August and looking for a good pediatrician in Fremont. Any suggestions for us? Thanks! Sheri

We have had great luck at Palo Alto Medical Foundation in Fremont on Kearny Street. We interviewed doctors at several practices before we settled on PAMF. Our daughters see Dr. Joy Doyle, who is actually a family practice doctor. We could not be happier. She is wonderful. Warm, great with kids, and really listens. At Palo Alto we have also seen Dr. Scobel, who is a pediatrician, and is terrific. I have heard only glowing things about her from friends whose children are her patients. Her practice is closed generally, but she accepts newborns. She has lots of experience and 5 children of her own. I have also had very positive experiences with Dr.Sanchez. And my friend whose daughters see him absolutely adores him. When her daughter was ill, after seeing her in the office, he called her home to check on her. All the best, Susan