5 year old's night terrors

Our 5 year-old has never slept through the night and cannot (will not) spend a full night in her own bed. Our pediatrician says she has night terrors and not to try to wake her when she has these nightly screaming fits that sometimes last for hours. This has taken its toll and we’re ready to find some answers. Has anyone dealt with this or found someone who can help? 

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Hi! Do you have Kaiser? I had a similar issue with my daughter when she was 4. I talked to her pediatrician who referred me to a pediatric sleep specialist through KP. He explained what seemed to be going on for my daughter (night terrors causes by lack of sleep) and helped us figure out how to get her to bed earlier so she could get more sleep since she never slept in. Anyway, just my 2 cents if you happen have KP they should be able to refer you, but you might have to ask. Good luck to you / I know night terror stuff is so hard for everyone.