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We were just told that our 3-year-old has cataracts in one eye and needs surgery within the next weeks. From what I read, the doctor's experience is paramount in this kind of surgeries.

Any parent out there who went through the same and/or can recommend a doctor specialized in pediatric cataracts that we can get a second opinion from? 

Thank you so much

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I don’t have any recommendations specific to pediatric cataracts. But we were referred to Dr. Rona Silkiss (link to bio below) about 5 years ago by my son’s pediatrician. She said at the time she thought Dr Silkriss was the best surgeon in the Bay Area for pediatric eye issues. We were impressed with her competence and skill with my son’s surgery. We also had a great experience with the outpatient surgery center next to UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland. Everything went smoothly. Good luck to your family.

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Yes! Dr. Alejandra de Alba - Campomanes at UCSF. She is lovely, approachable, thoughtful and very skilled, therefore busy! Hopefully you can get in soon, but if not with her, then any of the pediatric ophthalmologists at UCSF (Mission Bay) are terrific- also Dr. Ying Han. The bonus of going to UCSF is that your child will be cared for by their excellent pediatric anesthesiologists during his/her surgery - which is reason enough to go to there, IMO. Best of luck. 

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I'm sorry your little one has to go through this. Our daughter had eye surgery for strabismus at age 2. It was a bit nerve wracking, but we felt confident putting her in the care of pediatric ophthalmologist Dr William Good. I did a lot of research and he was recommended many times as the best in the area. After 14 years of having Dr Good care for my daughter's vision, I can second that. Aside from his medical expertise, he also happens to be a lovely person who has shown genuine interest in watching our daughter grow over the years. He's always answered our questions thoroughly and thoughtfully and has a wonderful calm demeanor with children.

We see Dr Good in San Francisco, but I think he also has offices in Marin and San Ramon. His San Francisco # is 415-202-1500.

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Hello - don't have experience with cataracts, but our son saw Rona Silkass from age 6-18 months for chronically blocked tear ducts that led to lots of eye infections. She ended up operating to insert a tube when he was 9 months after a few consultations, and removed it when he was 18 months. She doesn't have the warmest demeanor and doesn't specialize in pediatrics, but seemed really solid and experienced. I would warn you to schedule morning appointments since her office became incredibly busy with stupid-long wait times some afternoons. She was referred to us by our pediatrician, who is VERY careful about her referrals, so I put a lot of stock in that referral. But probably also worth asking for a referral for someone at Children's Hospital of Oakland, too. Best of luck to you!