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Opthamologist for Cataract Removal

May 2005

My elderly mom has to have a cataract removed from one eye. She just moved in with us a little while ago from the east coast and has no doctor network to tap into. She is also a heart patient, has a bad back, etc so I would like to find her an extremely good and thoughtful opthamologist. I would also love to hear from anyone who has had to have a cataract removed or has a close familiy member who has. What was the experience like? Were they bedridden for a day, a week? How quickly did they recover? Is it an in and out procedure? Any information would be most welcome. Thanks, Anna

Dr. Mark Mandel is very well-known for performing LASIK surgery, but he is an equally excellent cataract surgeon. His office phone number is (510) 886-3937. I suggest that you take your mom there for a cataract evaluation. He will educate you about the process.

The actual surgery takes about 12 minutes, but you will spend 2- 3 hours at the office. It is an out-patient procedure. Your mom should be resting after her surgery, and she will go back in to the office the following day for a check-up. She should be feeling pretty comfortable and starting to see better that next day. She will be on some eyedrops for a few weeks, and within a month, the eye should be stable enough to get new glasses prescribed. Patients are usually doing normal daily activities right away--no heavy lifting or bending over too far. Cataract surgery tends to be highly successful. suzie

Experience with Cataract surgery?

March 2005

I would like to hear people's experience with cataract surgery. If you have any feedback about Dr. Robert Sorensen of Berkeley, I would like to hear it too. Thanks! A nervous cataract patient

I had two cataracts removed in the past two months and my sight is fantastic. The surgery took about 20 minutes and the recovery took no time at all; I was driving on the second day. The only side effect was a black/blue eye after each surgery due to the injection to numb the region. I recommend Dr. Richard Lee in Oakland,. He is communicative and is very skilled at this surgery. linda