Park for 4 yr birthday party that allows a bouncing house?

Hi! I’m looking for a park in Oakland, piedmont, or Berkeley that allows a bouncy house. Any recommendations? 

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James Kenney park in Berkeley on 8th is great. There’s a tot park and an older kids’ park area. There are picnic tables you can reserve as well with BBQ grills. 


I can't speak for Oakland/Piedmont, but Berkeley parks did allow bounce houses in reservable picnic areas only in the past. However, I'm now unable to find that language on the site (it was referenced here last year), so I wonder if they've changed their policy? (In El Cerrito, the only park that allows bounce houses is Cerrito Vista. In Albany, I don't think they're allowed at any of the city's parks.)

I don't know for sure if it's allowed but I see bouncy houses at Cedar Rose in Berkeley all the time! I think there may be info at the Berkeley Parks and Rec website.