Parenting Group for Parents of Special Ed/Difficult Teens?


Our son, who has ADD/anxiety/depression, is entering his teen years and we need additional parenting support.  My husband and I are interesting in joining a parenting group, not necessarily working individually (as a couple) with a therapist, both for practical and financial reasons.  Does anyone have suggestions for us?  We are a dual-working couple who live in Berkeley.  As our son enters high school next year, we want to "arm" ourselves with parenting strategies that will help us guide him through this transition.  

Thank you!

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Hi- not sure if this would meet your needs, but we’re starting a once a week parenting class for parents of teens who have special needs in Lafayette. It starts this week, but I think they still have openings. It’s offered by a therapy practice called  Positive Parenthood. If you call them they can tell you more about it and if it would be a good fit for your needs.