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  • Hi.

    Our son, who has ADD/anxiety/depression, is entering his teen years and we need additional parenting support.  My husband and I are interesting in joining a parenting group, not necessarily working individually (as a couple) with a therapist, both for practical and financial reasons.  Does anyone have suggestions for us?  We are a dual-working couple who live in Berkeley.  As our son enters high school next year, we want to "arm" ourselves with parenting strategies that will help us guide him through this transition.  

    Thank you!

    Hi- not sure if this would meet your needs, but we’re starting a once a week parenting class for parents of teens who have special needs in Lafayette. It starts this week, but I think they still have openings. It’s offered by a therapy practice called  Positive Parenthood. If you call them they can tell you more about it and if it would be a good fit for your needs.

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Single parents of teen group?

March 2012

I am looking for a support group for single parents of teens. I need help from other single parents who experience our unique issues of raising teenagers by ourselves. Any ideas would be helpful. Single Mom

Hello- I am in a single parent's support group which is GREAT! We are looking for new members. At this time, we are meeting every other week @ 6:30pm in Berkeley, and the fee is $35.00 per session. Rikki, the Therapist, has many years of experience and is very supportive. If you need more info, please email Rikki @ rsudikoff [at] Hope this helps. Sharyn

Rikki at the Jewish Family and children Services is the best. I've worked with her for years in a group setting and she is wonderfully insightful and caring. Find her at: Been there

I work for a fantastic local agency that offers a Single Parents of Teens Support Group. The moderator is Rikki Sudikoff, LCSW--she's absolutely lovely and creates an amazing, warm, supportive atmosphere among the group members. And she's full of great advice--I've gone to her several times for input about my own kids! I think you'll find the group to be just what you're looking for. Rikki can be reached at (510) 704-7480, ext. 761. Good luck! Holly

I can recommend a single parents of teens group at Jewish Family and Childrens Services in Berkeley on Thursday evenings. It is facilitated by Rikki Sudikof who is very insightful when it comes to understanding how teens think. Another Single Mom

Rikki Sudikoff guides a wonderful group for single parents of teens. I was part of one for three very difficult years with my teen, and I credit Rikki and my group-mates for the fact that I still have my sanity. Rikki is warm, skilled and experienced as a therapist who works with adolescents, so she has a lot to offer in terms of explaining teen development (or lack thereof). I highly recommend contacting her: (510)704-7480. Her office is at Jewish Family & Children's Services on Shattuck in Berkeley. My teen is crazy; I don't have to be

Support Group for Single Parents of Teens?

Dec 2011

Does anyone know of a local support group for single parents of teenagers? I'm really feeling the need for support and building some community around me as I deal with issues in raising my teen on my own. Thanks!

I belong to a support group on Thurs. nights at Jewish Family and Children's Services in Berkeley. It is run by Rikki Sudikoff, who is great and knowledgeable about teens. I highly recommend it. Single Mom of Teen

I'm wondering whether you are a parent raising your teen completely on your own or are divorced. If you are divorced, I offer support groups for divorced moms, and I would be happy to talk to you to see if my current group might be a good match for you. Unfortunately, I don't have any groups for solo moms of teens at the moment ... unless there is enough demand to start one up again. For more information on my practice: or feel free to call me at 510-528-9551. Yvonne Mansell, MFT, yvonne [at]

Looking for support group

Oct 2008

Does anyone know of a support group in Berkeley area for parents of teens? I have a 15 year old that is a classic teenager 101, and I would love to find a group to share ideas and get support. anonymous

I offer a support group for moms of teens (in Albany). The current group is full, but I am willing to start another series with other moms of teens. The current group meets once a month as everyone is so busy, but more frequent meeting times are also possible. We discuss current challenges, consider different approaches and perspectives, bring in insights from books, and find community and support. Cost is at the rate of $30 per session, usually in a series of 3-6 session, and can be continued. I have facilitated groups for almost 20 years and love what happens when you bring people together who have very similar experiences, who can exchange ideas. Feel free to contact me for more information. Website: Yvonne Mansell, MFT

Seeking parenting skills class or support group

August 2008

My two teenage girls are, on the whole, doing okay - I'm the one who's a wreck. I have lost all faith in myself as a parent and a person. I see all my failings (my kids are very quick to point them out and they are often right) and I can't seem to fix what's wrong; I have repeated all the mistakes my parents made that I swore I wouldn't repeat. I'm afraid I'll estrange my kids the way my mom and I became distant. I wish I had taken parenting classes or sought a support group when they were little, but I feel like I have to do something now or I will truly fall apart. All my friends seem to be coping with their teenagers much better than I am. I am in therapy but need something directed specifically to my life as a parent, which is eating me alive. Can anyone suggest anything? Needs help, please

Dear Struggling Parent: It sounds like you feel such despair and longing for the confidence and competence that perhaps you enjoyed when your girls were younger, and understanding and meeting everyone's needs seemed a relatively simple matter. It sounds also like you are most urgently concerned with yourself, and restoring your strength and confidence. I would like to suggest that you try a class called Parenting From Your Heart, with Cathy Bucher, a wonderful and compassionate trainer in nonviolent communication. Introductory 2 hour class on Sept 5 and again on Oct 3, in Oakland.


Groups meet in Oakland, Lafayette/Walnut Creek and are led by adolescent specialist Michael Y. Simon, MFT, high school counselor, noted speaker/ educator and psychotherapist in private practice. Michael will outline specific, research-based parenting approaches to help you feel and be more effective in supporting your teen in their school, social and home lives. The meetings will also include ample time for parents to share their experiences with each other, to receive feedback from Michael and to get support for doing the world? hardest job. Please note: this is not a therapy group. TO REGISTER OR FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call Practical Help for Parents, (510) 433-2959; visit us on the web at

I did not see the original question, but wanted to let parents on this list know about a support group I am starting for moms of teens, meeting monthly in Albany. Ages of kids roughly between 14-18. I am a licensed therapist, with about 20 yrs experience facilitating groups. Feel free to contact me for more information or other resources: Yvonne

You might have gotten other information already, but I'm not sure if you had seen this advertisement a few weeks ago (it's offered a few times per year):

''Survival Skills for Parents of Teens''

Alameda Family Services offers a FREE parenting class for parents of adolescents (both middle school and high school ages).

A 9-session class, spanning from Sep 18 - Nov 13, 2008. Thursday evenings, 6:15 - 7:45 pm. Held at Alameda Family Services, 2325 Clement Avenue, Alameda, CA 94501. The class is limited to 12 parents/families.

To register, or for more information, please contact: Robert P. Mejia Prevention Specialist Alameda Family Services - School Based Health Centers 210 Central Avenue Alameda, CA 94501 510-748-4085 x3135 RM