Parenting coach/ therapist for a single mom

I am looking for a parenting coach or therapist who works with divorced moms. I have 2 young kids who live at 2 houses with very different structure/ rules. I am interested in finding someone that can help me with practical parenting advice,  but also help me recognize how my own issues with my ex are affecting how I parent. There was nothing recent in the archives. Thanks. anon.

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When living in Boston, our family had an early separation, I was referred to JFCS (we are not jewish), and they were immensely helpful.  Their rates were tiered based on income and they really helped me feel like I was actually going to survive this thing alone.  There appears to be a Bay Area group too.  Perhaps check their page?

I have shared custody of my 11 year old daughter, and Rebecah Freeling was quite helpful in terms of parenting advice of setting rules, boundaries, and improving communication between me, my daughter, and my ex.  Rebecah came to our house and after 3 or 4 sessions, our work was done.  Her website is and gives a pretty good flavor of what she provides.  My daughter even liked her despite the fact that we became stricter as a result of our work together!