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  • I am looking for a parenting coach or therapist who works with divorced moms. I have 2 young kids who live at 2 houses with very different structure/ rules. I am interested in finding someone that can help me with practical parenting advice,  but also help me recognize how my own issues with my ex are affecting how I parent. There was nothing recent in the archives. Thanks. anon.

    When living in Boston, our family had an early separation, I was referred to JFCS (we are not jewish), and they were immensely helpful.  Their rates were tiered based on income and they really helped me feel like I was actually going to survive this thing alone.  There appears to be a Bay Area group too.  Perhaps check their page?

    I have shared custody of my 11 year old daughter, and Rebecah Freeling was quite helpful in terms of parenting advice of setting rules, boundaries, and improving communication between me, my daughter, and my ex.  Rebecah came to our house and after 3 or 4 sessions, our work was done.  Her website is and gives a pretty good flavor of what she provides.  My daughter even liked her despite the fact that we became stricter as a result of our work together!

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Female Therapist For Single Mom in the East Bay

Jan 2006

Hello, I feel so vulnerable even just typing this ''recommendation wanted'' post but here goes. I am a single mother who has off and on been to therapy but not for a long time. I am looking for a therapist with the following traits, maybe you know of one or are one yourself.
-Older Female
-Experience with compulsive habits (shoplifting, lies)
-Takes no BS from a smooth talking person who can be charming
-Can offer a sliding scale until the patient is again working full time
-Offers weekend hours
I lead a functioning healthy life over-all and have some issues in the past I want to clear up to be a better mother, friend, daughter and sister.
Looking for Therapy

I was really helped with my primary relationship, parenting, and unraveling my complex relationship with my mother with Betty Baskind LCSW. She is insightful and probing, while at the same time very nurturing and compassionate. She's been practicing for over 30 years, and you can tell by the depth of her skill - she's very interactive, and really warm. I felt safe with her and we did some very deep work. I can strongly recommend her. She's at 510 496-6041, in Oakland, Piedmont Ave. Feeling Strong Now!

Single mom of 4-year-old feeling overwhelmed

Nov 2003

Can someone recommend a therapist for a single mom of a 4 year old who works full time and who feels overwhelmed by life? I struggle with loneliness, lack of intimacy, worry about money, isolation at work and at home, and feeling seriously stuck. I am very very tired. Thanks. anon

Dear Single Mom- You are NOT alone. I raised my son alone and felt the same things. Take care of yourself. Make time to do things that make you happy even if its a cup of tea while your child watches a video. Pay attention to your needs. I know time is the biggest issue but you have to nourish yourself to be there for your child. Why don't you start a support group? I went to several therapists but what really helped was exchange babysitting and talking to other mothers of pre schoolers. It was so good to hear that they were all doing the same things. A therapist will listen to you but you can't call them at three on a Saturday afternoon when your kid is driving you crazy. Remember they do grow up and you will miss this time. Four years old is such a wonderful time with them. NB You will always feel overwhelmed. It just goes with the territory. Another Mom

It sounds like you are working very hard - and not just at work. I really feel for you. I am not single, but I work full time and have a toddler, as well as older children. I am tired a significant part of the time, and I have a partner who pitches in. I really wish you the best in finding as much support as you can. You have a lot on your plate, but you have to take care of yourself to ensure that you can do it all. I can recommend Lee Safran in Albany as a therapist who deals with similar issues. Her rate is reasonable, and she is a warm presence. Her business phone number is 510-496-6096. Take care of yourself! anon

Sherri Glucoft-Wong. I believe her office is in Berkeley. Years ago my mother went to see her, was a very good experience for her. She does speaking engagements for preschools, and has always packed the house. I'm a single mom with 3 boys, being overwhelmed is part and parcel of who we are, but sometimes being able to just share what you feel with other moms helps a great deal. Have you considered joining a Mom's group? I, too, worry about getting the bills paid, and getting through the day without tearing my hair out at some of the things the boys do. We love our kids tremendously, and that in itself can be stressful, as it creates guilt when we get angry, righteous anger or not! I wish you GL, and if you want to chat, feel free to email me Karin

I don't have a therapist recommendation (hopefully, you'll get a good one), but am myself a single mother of a 5 year old, and am facing EXACTLY the same issues of loneliess, burnout, stress, etc. If, in addition to getting good therapy, you'd like to talk to someone else in the same situation, please email me.
another strung-out mom

I would like to recommend the Women's Therapy Center in El Cerrito to any woman or couple who is interested in counseling but is also concerned about time/cost. This center is staffed by interns who are earning their hours to get their MFT. They are supervised. The therapists work with you on a weekly basis. Fees are based on a sliding scale that takes income and household size into account. (I was paying $53 a week for individual therapy as a 4 person family earning around $60,000/yr). If I remember correctly there were appointments offered at all different times of the day and week... mornings, late evenings (8pm) and even Saturdays. The intern I had was very nice. I went in feeling depressed and overwhelmed as a working mom with two kids and found that spending that hour a week was helpful because I was able to focus on what was going on in my life, make more conscious decisions and hold more realistic expectations of myself. a mom

I am sorry you are having such trouble. I, too, am a stressed- out single mom and I have a GREAT therapist, whom I highly recommend. Her name is Barbara Vivino, and she is in Berkeley near the top of Solano. She is just the right combination of therapist, advocate, and strategist, and she seems to know EVERYONE in town who can help you with various aspects of your stress reduction(esp. if you are a UCB Student, since she used to work at the Tang center). She has a PhD in clinical psychology, and so has had a lot of education in addition to her training. She is incredibly sympathetic, without being afraid to point out where you need to work harder to change your internal beliefs and patterns. Her name, again, is Barbara Vivino, and her number is (510) 428-9096.

In addition to seeing a therapist, I highly recommend joining the Berkeley YMCA and taking full advantage of their childcare while you get some exercise, do yoga, or just take a hot tub and sauna on the premises. They do offer financial assistance, if you qualify (get an application at the front desk). Childcare there is $2.50 per hour. Exercise is the most helpful thing I do for my mental health. Also, avoid sugars at all cost, if you can. They can really (really) drain your energy away. Good luck, and be well. anonymous, please