parental controls on grandparents' phone?

Hi neighbors. I am looking for a parental control app/service that makes sense to use on a grandparent's iPhone or iPad (iOS).

My child does not have her own phone, but I do want to limit/monitor her use when she is at her grandma's house. Specifically, I want to limit access to social media, sexual content, and the downloading of certain apps.

Any recommendations?  

P.S. I also did share these resources with them: 

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What does your child use when they’re on a grandparents iPhone or iPad? I use the guided access feature, which doesn’t allow them to get out of an app they’re on once it’s activated and also limits what they’re able to click on within the app, too. Would that work?

On an iPhone or iPad, we use Screen Time (under Settings) which allows you to set various limitations including ratings on shows, music, etc. and choose between limiting adult websites (not super comprehensive) or allowing only specific websites that you choose. You can mess around with it. And it’s turned off and on by a passcode. So if this is a grandparent’s phone that they Don’t want limited in anyway, they can just turn on Screen Time with the passcode before handing it over to the kid.