Parent-Child Improv Class?

My son is 4 1/2 and is a natural performer (and director!). I think he would really love some type of theater class, and I'd like to find a class we could attend together. Having taken improv in the past, I thought it might be a good beginning for us. Is there any such class in the Bay Area? And, if so, any in-person classes this fall?


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RE: Parent-Child Improv Class? ()

I suggest reaching out to Geri Engberg, who ran some Improv Classes at my child's elementary school pre-Covid. I believe she also did many classes for home school programs as well. I think she may have converted to Zoom classes, like so many other classes. She's super nice and fun, and I love that she was able to adjust the class to encourage children of all different temperaments and personalities. Her email address is: engberggeri [at]  Good luck and have a great time!