Ortho for adult invisalign

I'm looking for an orthodontist for invisalign, for myself.  Anyone have recommendations for someone in Berkeley, or anyone from El Cerrito through Oakland?  I got one quote but it was very high for a short course of treatment, compared to what friends I know have paid and what I was expecting.  Thanks for any suggestions! 

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Hi, just an FYI, my husband just finished a 4 month, at-home, teeth straightening treatment with Smile. It was less than half the price of Invisalign and no biweekly appointments at the dentist’s office, which was what he was looking for. We’re very pleased with the results. If it’s a mild adjustment, it might work for you too. Could be worth looking into? Good luck! 

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Our family has had a very good experience with Dr. Song at I Song orthodontics in Albany. One of my teens did invisalign and the other is doing regular braces. I see adults in the office as well though. I find Dr. Song very professional, competent, and kind. The office is efficient and well organized, but does not seem like a 'mill'; the staff is friendly and personable. I am not sure how the cost compares-- we explored one other practice and the price was similar.