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Experience with Invisalign?

Aug 2009

Any recommendations regarding the use of Invisalign instead of braces? I am 50 with an overbite that is getting worse and was told by the dentist that invisalign would work for my problem. But it also seems like the same money but less time for the dentist, so I am skeptical. Any feedback from your experience would be welcome. Thanks.

I currently have invisalign and love it. I am about 40% through and have seen great results with minimal discomfort or change to my lifestyle. No one will recognize that you have them and they are easy to manage and you can take them out to eat. I do question the use of invisalign for an overbite. I was told that invis doesnt work well for overbites, just crooked teeth. If you are specifically looking to treat an overbite I would get a second opinion. Andrew

Invisalign experiences for adults

June 2009

My dentist recommends Invisalign instead of braces, for me. Since this is a $5,500 commitment, I would really like to know of your experiences and any advice if I do it. I have overcrowded jaw pushing the top front teeth out. Also, do you agree that last impression should be used as a retainer afterwards? Thanks. Karen

DO IT!! Invisalign is amazing. I had my doubts - I'm not someone who likes to suffer any kind of discomfort, and I didn't believe they would be as 'invisible' as promised. And... $5500? Would they WORK?? Answer: they are everything they were touted to be. As to comfort - each set is uncomfortable for the first day or two, but nothing significant, and definitely nothing Advil can't conquer. Appearance - they are only noticeable if you look closely. No one would know I had them if I didn't keep talking about them because I'm so excited about them. And yes, they are working. I'm on set 9 of my 15 sets, and I can see a significant difference already. My lower teeth were crossed and my uppers were uneven. Both uppers are lowers are MUCH more straight and even just five months into treatment.

You asked about wearing the last set as a retainer - yes, I think that's the plan. The last set is a computer generated rendition of how my teeth are supposed to be. I assume I'll be wearing these at night indefinitely, to prevent the teeth from moving back. (I assume it will be OK to skip nights occasionally too, although I have absolutely no problem wearing them every night forever if need be). I LOVE them and wish I had done this years ago. Fran

I did invisalign about 6 years ago and had a really great experience. I would highly recommend it. I was getting married in the middle of my treatments so getting traditional braces put on, taken off for the wedding and then put back on didn't seem very practical so I decided on the invisalign route instead. There was definitely some soreness, especially in the beginning and at the change of each retainer but it definitely decreased as the time went on and it was never too bad. Changed my eating/snacking habits since you have to take them out to eat or drink anything but water. And I was a little obsessive about carrying a toothbrush around with me but maybe that was all for the better anyhow. After my last retainer, the orthodontist had a final retainer made which I use at night which is thicker and studier than then ones you wear during treatment. I have a small wire across the inside of my bottom front teeth but I don't notice it at all anymore. They said the wire might need to be replaced at some point but I haven't had any problems with it thus far. I also had overcrowding and my front teeth were being turned out. Treatment took only just over a year and since then my teeth have been looking great. happy with my teeth finally!

I found Invisalign practical as an adult in a public work environment. They also function nicely as bleach trays. Metal braces would not have helped my last promotion.. I did however find the end result less than 100% satisfying (more like a B- grade) and often wonder if the metal braces would have achieved better results for the $5000... I did wear my Invisalign trays religiously, but still have the same overall misalignment- only a lot less obvious. I guess the trays have a harder time really making those very small incremental movements happen, depending on how badly aligned your teeth are. Do not expect perfection... Me

Dentist who offers Invisalign?

October 2007

I'd like to get recommendations from anyone who has had success with Invisalign braces as an adult. I'm looking for a compassionate dentist who offers Invisalign. I'll consider most places in the Bay Area for the right person! Dr Joshua Bernstein in Piedmont has a very slick website and sounds expensive but perhaps it's worth it. Any comments on him also appreciated or other recommendations. Thanks. Need straightening out

I would like to recommend Dr. Sepideh Razavi of Advanta Dental in Emeryville. She and her entire staff are wonderful. It's been a great experience, she walked me through the entire process, and has been there with me through all the steps. I'm almost done with my invisalign! 510-596-9000. Happy Invisalign Client

July 2007

I am considering Invisalign braces to correct shifting bottom teeth. Has anyone (adult) had recent experience with Invisalign? I especially want to hear about any negative sequelae (AFTER removal) to wearing Invisalign, before I make a decision to go ahead. (I am in my 60's.)

I had the invisalign for 2 years a few years ago and it was almost magical how they worked! What is VERY important is that you continue wearing them or rather whatever retainer or similar you are given at the end or else the teeth will go right back to where they were. Good luck! Rosie

2004 - 2006 Recommendations

May 2005

I've almost finished over a year and a half of Invisilign treatment and have been very happy with the results. My teeth were pretty crooked w/lots of crowding--I never had braces as a child--and they look great now. I've been very happy with the doctors at Berkeley Orthodontics ( They have an office off Solano and one on Colby near Alta Bates in Berkeley. I too do on camera work, and I've found it useful to be able to take off my braces for auditions or shoots, while straightening my teeth (I could leave them on, but they affect my speech a little bit so I usually take them off). Invisilign is great! Almost straight teeth

June 2004

Has anyone ever tried Invisalign, a series of clear removable aligners to straighten your teeth without braces? They cost about the same as braces ($2000-$5000) and are fitted by a dentist. Apparently, you need to take them off when eating, drinking or brushing, which seems like a hassle. And you need to get regular 6-week dental check-ups to ensure that they are working properly. But the advantage is they are virtually invisible. I don't know anyone who has used these and wanted to know: are they worth it? Considering Invisalign

hi, i'm currently about half way finished w/my invisalign treatment and have been very happy with it. most people can't tell i'm wearing them and i see a real difference in my teeth. i get new aligners every two weeks, and go to the orthodontist every 4 weeks to get my next two sets and get checked. while it's a little annoying to have to take them off and on, it's great to be able to eat normally and clean my teeth thoroughly. i've gotten a little sloppy about never eating in them and i've always left them in to drink (including coffee). the thing is, because you get new ones every two weeks, they never get that gross. it's really important to wear them as much as you can, like 20-22 hours a day, so i try to get them back in as soon as i can after eating.

i have a little bit of discomfort for the first day or so of each new set, and i'm definitely aware that they're in my mouth, but i think they're a lot less uncomfortable than normal braces. my treatment is pretty long (32 aligners on the top, 42 on the bottom) and cost about $6000 (regular braces would have been only $200-400 cheaper). i go to nelson, meyer, etc. in berkeley and highly recommend them--all the dentists and staff are really great. --almost straight teeth