One On One DBT Therapist for anxious teen?

I am looking for someone who can teach my teen DBT one on one. They are highly anxious, Dx ASD, ADHD, Anxiety Disorder. Anyone out there?

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You are likely to encounter a waiting list for any DBT therapist in the Bay Area, so I would cast a wide net and get on every waitlist.

We have worked with a couple of the therapists at Clearwater Counseling in Oakland--all have been great.

We also worked with Rachel Chapple (also in Oakland) and highly recommend her as well.

Other options are the Wisemind Institute in Berkeley, DBT Center of Marin, and Mindfit DBT Center (also in Marin).


If you haven't already checked them out, you could look into the Clearwater Center in North Oakland. They definitely do DBT with teens. Good luck!

Hi, my daughter worked with Dr. JJ Kelly who now teaches DBT and she has made a world of difference in my daughter. I think she could really help your kid. I've never met anyone who has the same kind of rapport with teens. In the years that she worked with her, we saw a complete turn around in her life. She went from failing her classes to getting straight A's even throughout college. JJ teaches DBT both one on one and in group classes. She's also written a best selling book for parents with children who are self harming. I will link her website below.