New insurance - Sutter or John Muir for family physician?

Hello all! We've recently switched insurance networks, and for the first time, we get to choose a non-Kaiser provider (woo!).  Any recommendations for OB/GYN or family care physicians or CNPs at either Sutter or John Muir Health?  Both are possibilities -- we just want to find a solid (preferably female) professional, who could possibly be on deck for both pregnancy and pediatric care (though that's not a deal breaker).  Thanks for your thoughts!

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Hi, I'm actually looking for a primary care doctor for myself and my husband, but saw your post and wanted to share my positive experience with the OB/GYN team at Alta Bates (Sutter). We live in Oakland and the prenatal care and delivery experience were all seamless, even though not as slick as at UCSF, where we had our first child. I definitely recommend Sutter for prenatal care. My doc was Dr. Venkat, but everyone I met there was excellent!

On the other hand, I had a pregnancy related ENT issue (long story) and the Sutter care for that issue was abysmal, ending in me being referred to UCSF by my Sutter-affiliated doc because she couldn't manage it. Traveling to UCSF was not ideal, but the care is unparalleled.

Lastly, we cannot say enough good things about Berkeley Pediatrics, when that time comes. I think they have affiliations with Sutter and UCSF (we've been referred to specialists at both from BP). Just the best pediatrician team I can imagine and wouldn't go anywhere else.