Need a therapist to help me worry more

This might seem like a joke, but it isn’t. All my life my mind manages to package worries and put it away and not let it bother me. This seems like a great thing, I can sleep well at night and go through life in a zen-like state - I’m always in the moment. But this also has meant I don’t worry about things that matter - from simple things like “I need to buy a gift for that birthday party this weekend” (which gets solved by scrambling a bit) to postponing difficult conversations in life which has affected relationships. 
I am finally looking to take this on and address it. Can anyone recommend a therapist who can help me through this?

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Michelle Sicula,

I have been working with her for years, and she is an amazing therapist who is empathetic and supportive but is able to help me plan goals. I often ask her, "I'd like to be more X, Y, Z. I want to be better at ABC." She'll take notes and while she allows me to share my stream of consciouness and emotional unloading, she also makes sure we don't lose sight of the goals that I want to work on.  She is what I need her to be that is different for different circumstances and needs.  Please note that a wonderful therapist for one person may not be the right fit another. The chemistry really needs to be there and the personalities need to match. I feel that after about 2 - 3 sessions, you know whether you like the therapist or not. 

I found my last two therapists through Psychiatric Alternatives. You can call them and let them know what kind of therapist you are looking for and they can direct you to providers who match your needs and have availability. Best wishes!