Need a surveyor to help define property lines

Hey folks,

I've been having a hell of a time trying to find a surveyor who can help us figure out the property lines for our house in Temescal.

There's been a lot of questions raised about exactly where one fence in particular should be, since it was removed at some point in the 80s (?), then put back in in 2019 in a rush. We're now replacing a part of this same fence and I figure a good chance for us to get a professional opinion to sort fact from fiction.

Anyone worked with someone great recently who might be able to help?

It seems like half the folks I talk to won't travel this far, and the other half are recently retired. :|

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We used Bay Area Land Surveying for our house remodel.

They are very good and thorough.  We used them because our architect recommended them, but we are glad we did.  We found out that our neighbor had built onto our property and when we sent them the survey to ask them to move/destroy their structures.  They initially refused until they realized the surveyor is very reputable especially in the hills where property lines can be blurred with time and their work has stood up to numerous legal disputes.  It the reason many municipalities in the area also use them.  The big issue is they tend to be backed up … for months.  If you can wait to do your project they would be my recommendation.

We used Moran Engineering in Berkeley. Very competent, not cheap though.

They might be busy, but we've used:

Moran Engineering Inc.

I’ve used Virgil Chavez for three projects and would use him again.

Andreas Deak (510) 865-4289) surveyed my Albany property and did a very thorough job. 

We used Moran Engineering in June 2020, which was recommended by our architect, and they were very professional. They were responsive by email, kept us updated, and answered questions. From the time we first contacted them until we got the PDF of the survey, it was about 4 months -- they had a lot of clients ahead of us, we had trouble getting documents they needed like the title, and also it was the beginning of covid.

We've been in our house for 20 years and never got a survey until now - it's been really useful to have for landscaping work and for permits from the city - can just email them the PDF!