I think my family is cursed - how to break the cycle?

Is it a curse? In my family the same thing happened with 4 generations starting when my grandmother was born. Shortly after the time when a child was born one close family member (baby’s parent or grandparent) died.  

Coincidence cannot happens 4 times in row!!! 

Causes and timing of death and gender were different each time but one thing all those 4 people who died had in common: they were very kind altruistic clean souls.  

It always happened after the birth of the first born child except my grandma who was a 2nd child.  And what else the babies of 4 generations who were born under those circumstances had in common- they all had strong intuition and mild extrasensory abilities such as feeling things happening long distance, seeing in dreams things from the future, seeing aura, healing minor aches by energy healing etc. Only those 4 people in the family had those abilities. No issues when their siblings were born. 

Regarding astrology those babies are: 
my grandmother- Taurus, 
My father- Aries, 
Me- Aries, 
My child - Capricorn. 

The details:

When my grandma was born her father died shortly after it from infection, he was in his 20s.

When my grandma was pregnant with my father during war they were starving and she was sick so her father-in-law often gave her his food which saved her and her baby’s lives but her father-in-law died of starvation shortly after my father was born. 

5 years after I was born my mother died of cancer after the exposure to radiation. 

My father died of heart attack several days after my child was born. 

How to find out what is the reason and how to break the cycle?  I am desperate.  I don’t want those extra abilities,  do not know what to do with them anyway.  I want normal life for my child.  Anybody experienced something similar, or know people, websites or books that can point in the right direction? Please help!

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There is no curse. All four of those people died of normal things people die of and it is normal for people to be having babies at that time in their life. My grandmother died when my child was 3 months old. Because she was old. And I was of childbearing age. Try to relax and realize that many things happen concurrently and almost in the same way all the time and that doesn't mean one caused the other. I bet you can think of many, many things that happened in the same way, but because they were mundane and weren't meaningful, they drew nobody's attention. There is nothing driving a cycle here. Coincidences have a word because they are a thing.

Sounds like a lot of generational trauma.

You may want to seek out a therapist who specializes in treating with new modalities- emdr, IFS.


I am a scientists and a sceptic, so this might come across as cynical. But those extrasensory abilities don't exist. Essentially what these people are doing is cherry-picking. They remember the few hits and don't remember the many more misses.

And now to the "pattern". I wouldn't call five years "shortly after" for starters. But you really need to think about probabilities. There are a million highly unlikely things that could happen. Each of them is unlikely. But once in a while something highly unlikely is going to happen to you just like once in a while when you roll a dice five times you get a six each time. Or think about it the other way: Yes, it's highly unlikely to have those deaths happen to three consecutive generations. But how many people are there on earth? Once in a while it will happen to someone.

Stop worrying.