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I think my family is cursed - how to break the cycle? Oct 25, 2020 (3 responses below)
Psychic East Bay Area Dec 28, 2019 (1 responses below)
  • Is it a curse? In my family the same thing happened with 4 generations starting when my grandmother was born. Shortly after the time when a child was born one close family member (baby’s parent or grandparent) died.  

    Coincidence cannot happens 4 times in row!!! 

    Causes and timing of death and gender were different each time but one thing all those 4 people who died had in common: they were very kind altruistic clean souls.  

    It always happened after the birth of the first born child except my grandma who was a 2nd child.  And what else the babies of 4 generations who were born under those circumstances had in common- they all had strong intuition and mild extrasensory abilities such as feeling things happening long distance, seeing in dreams things from the future, seeing aura, healing minor aches by energy healing etc. Only those 4 people in the family had those abilities. No issues when their siblings were born. 

    Regarding astrology those babies are: 
    my grandmother- Taurus, 
    My father- Aries, 
    Me- Aries, 
    My child - Capricorn. 

    The details:

    When my grandma was born her father died shortly after it from infection, he was in his 20s.

    When my grandma was pregnant with my father during war they were starving and she was sick so her father-in-law often gave her his food which saved her and her baby’s lives but her father-in-law died of starvation shortly after my father was born. 

    5 years after I was born my mother died of cancer after the exposure to radiation. 

    My father died of heart attack several days after my child was born. 

    How to find out what is the reason and how to break the cycle?  I am desperate.  I don’t want those extra abilities,  do not know what to do with them anyway.  I want normal life for my child.  Anybody experienced something similar, or know people, websites or books that can point in the right direction? Please help!

    There is no curse. All four of those people died of normal things people die of and it is normal for people to be having babies at that time in their life. My grandmother died when my child was 3 months old. Because she was old. And I was of childbearing age. Try to relax and realize that many things happen concurrently and almost in the same way all the time and that doesn't mean one caused the other. I bet you can think of many, many things that happened in the same way, but because they were mundane and weren't meaningful, they drew nobody's attention. There is nothing driving a cycle here. Coincidences have a word because they are a thing.

    Sounds like a lot of generational trauma.

    You may want to seek out a therapist who specializes in treating with new modalities- emdr, IFS.


    I am a scientists and a sceptic, so this might come across as cynical. But those extrasensory abilities don't exist. Essentially what these people are doing is cherry-picking. They remember the few hits and don't remember the many more misses.

    And now to the "pattern". I wouldn't call five years "shortly after" for starters. But you really need to think about probabilities. There are a million highly unlikely things that could happen. Each of them is unlikely. But once in a while something highly unlikely is going to happen to you just like once in a while when you roll a dice five times you get a six each time. Or think about it the other way: Yes, it's highly unlikely to have those deaths happen to three consecutive generations. But how many people are there on earth? Once in a while it will happen to someone.

    Stop worrying.

  • Psychic East Bay Area

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    The reviews are very old.  Any updated recommendations for a psychic?  Thank you!!

    RE: Psychic East Bay Area ()

    Hi - I have 2 to suggest:

    Local is Amy White and I have enjoyed her guidance for business and life.

    Remotely I use Crystal who has been amazing on many levels including connecting with loved ones departed.

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Tarot Reading

March 2008

Hi, I'm hosting a party for a friend who's turning the big 5-0, and am looking for a tarot practitioner for the party. I did this once before and it was a huge hit. Unfortunately, the woman I hired has since moved from the Bay Area. Anyone out there know of a good person who does parties? Thanks for your help, Bia

Isabelle Choiniere-Correa is a tarot practioner who does events as well as individuals. Her phone number is 510-532-8806. Her web site is Everyone who has seen Isabelle raves about her. rishida

A good person for a tarot reading is Andrea Mallis 510 874 4911. She is also an astrologer and does private and group readings. I have worked with her for years and found her to be very knowledgeable and detail oriented. dancingal

Hi, I'm new to BPN. I saw your request and had to respond because I too threw a party (retirement party) and hired a fabulous tarot practitioner. Her name is Isabelle Choiniere. She works with cards and does numerology. We had the so much fun with her there. I've also seen her for private consultations, also fabulous. She really knows her stuff, and she has a wonderful sense of humor. Give her a call. Isabelle Choiniere her business is: Insights and Foresights (510) 532-8806 Robby

I highly recommend Isabelle Choiniere-Correa as an excellent tarot reader for your party. I hired her a few years ago to read at my friend's bridal shower and she was amazing! We all thought she was incredibly intuitive and spot-on with things that were going on in our lives. My husband has coincidentally become friends with her through a networking organization since then, and she's a really great person, too! I guarantee you won't be sorry - she's fantastic. Her email is isabelle [at] Have fun! fellow tarot appreciator

Yes, Isabelle Choiniere-Correa is a wonderful party resource. She is a Clairvoyant Tarot Practitioner and I have been to Circle readings she has done: very fun, right on and inspiring...she is such a warm and lovely soul, great addition to the hospitality and grace of a party! Louise

I have a suggestion for a great tarot reader and intuitive. I met her at a woman's circle and she does parties and teaches classes. I've seen her a few time since the gathering when I met her. Her readings are spot on and she's a wonderful person to work with. She really helped me to clarify what my most important questions where and to look at the big picture. Her name is Isabelle Choiniere and her business phone number is: (510) 532-8806 Give her a call. Marty

March 2006

I'm interested in getting a tarot reading done, but have never done this before. Any suggestions for a good person to go to? What should I expect, and how much should I expect to pay? Thanks.

I have only been to one person for this whole arena is new to me, but she is so kind, honest and right on, I cannot imagine anyone better or more helpful. She charges $80 per hour but will do segments of an hour, I think, so ask for what you want. Isabelle Choiniere 510-532-8806 or email her at zabnature[AT] Please mention my name. I want her to know how much I appreciate her talents, and service. Louise

Contact Isabelle Choiniere for Tarot readings. I only had a short (10 minute) reading at an event, but I thought she was very good. Contact her at: zabnature[AT] Melanie

Isabelle Choiniere is the best around and very accurate. She has a wonderful energy is very grounded and not airy-fairy. Her business name is Insights and Foresights - 532-8806. Maureen

Palm Reading

June 2004

Do you know of a good palm reader for an adult party? I actually need someone for a work event in Alameda. Would love to use a referral rather than someone random from the phone book. Much thanks! Nancy

I suggest Janet Savage of Hand Tales. She is a very warm and intuitive woman. She has a professional image. Rebecca

I can highly recommend Sally Faubion, even though she is not a card reader. Sally is a fabulous numerologist whom I met at our company Christmas party a couple of years ago. I had another reading a couple of months ago and all I can say is that I have been blown away. I have recommended many of my friends who have all had the same experience. Sally does private parties as well, see her website below. J.E.

July 2003

Does anyone know a really good palm reader? Not a hocus-pocus-well-read one. Someone really good with a proven track record.

Hi, I'm a palmistry reader myself. I also have an MBA, so palmistry isn't a business for me. A proper reading should be about your personality, capabilities, areas of conflict and if the reader is well trained health too. No future telling! It should be based on both old Hindu and Chinese diagnosis and modern research (psychological aspects that are linked to the shape of the palm and the fingers, and medical aspects that look into the dermatogliphs - the prints of the hand). The reader you choose should be able to tell you everything without you saying a word until they're done. Since I still don't consider my level excellent enough to read a palm on the spot, I prepare in advance and everything is written before I even interact with the person! So you should be sure a good reader can know all they want to say to you without having your reactions influence what they say.

When I came to Berkeley, after a year long study in this field and a year of practice (though I was an Organizational Consultant at the same time, so I only read about a hundred palms that year) I thought it would be great to continue practicing it here. I mean what better place

Unfortunately I was disappointed to find that palmistry is associated with psychic abilities, future telling and such. As someone who has studied it and practices it, I can tell you there is nothing hocus-pocus about it.

Good luck with finding what you look for and with making good use of what you like about what they tell you. Reut.

I am not sure what your purpose is in finding a good palm reader but I know a very good and well known astrologer. His name is Walden Welch and his web site is and phone number is 707-996-8226. He is in Sonoma about a 45 minute drive. Mary


Dec 2007

I am hoping to take my sister to a medium as a christmas gift, in the off chance that we could feel some kind of connection with our mother who died 10 years ago. In the past we had both wanted to try getting onto the John Edwards show. While I am not hanging all my hopes on the experience, I would like to go to someone based on someone elses positive experience. Please share if you have had one, preferable in the east bay. Thanks. miss our mom

my friend went to Sylvia Browne about 15 years ago. He really thought she was very good. He rec'd a cassette tape of the session and re-plyed it recently and realized everthing that she had said has come true. I made an appointment to see her once but didn't want to spend the money. I think she is in Los Gatos or somewhere around there. jjacobs

Out of desparation I saw Edward who was very accurate in his descriptions of my deceased grandparents. While at a Psychic Fair in Concord I saw someone waiting at his table for about 15-20 minutes while he took a much needed break and she recommended him highly. She said he had been very accurate for her and her kids, sister and mother. I am waiting for future events to come true before going back but he is very nice, patient and will take the trouble to meet with you halfway if you can't make it all the way to his place in Santa Clara. His website is: Good luck. Carol

June 2004

I'm embarassed to ask this but have no where else to do so. I'm hoping that someone out there might not laugh and might have a recommendation for a medium--yes, I mean the kind that contact dead people. I really would like to find someone who is recommended. I've been to the Berkeley Psychic Institute and didn't have a good experience there... anyone else tried contacting a dead person?
Desperately trying to contact my mother

I don't have a suggestion for a medium but I have a thought. Following my grandmother's death I had a lot of amazing dreams. It felt to me that she was communicating with me thru my dreams. There was no experience from our life together that would have created the conversations we had in my dreams. I found out years later that both my sister and mother had dreams about her during that same period. Maybe you can try therapy that helps you access your dreams. Just a thought. wishing you well


July 2008

I am looking for a psychic who can help me with some major life decisions and has really good insight, even the ability to predict future events. Does such a person exist? anon

I would highly recommend Isabelle Choiniere-Correa of Insights and Foresights. She has a great deal of experience in guiding people to find their true path. Her number is 510-532-8806. Ronna

I've heard good things about Isabelle Choiniere-Correa. See Talia

January 2002

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good psychic who is either local or who works by phone? Please chime in, too, if you have had an unsatisfying experience with a particular psychic. Thank you.

I like Barbara Huning. She's based in North Carolina and gives Higher Self readings over the phone, sending you the taped reading later. I find her helpful and constructively positive. She has a brochure available. Her email address is: higherselfconnection at Or you can call her at (828) 683-4067. Margaret

I have a spritual healer that is wondefrul. Her name is Norine Smith and she is located in Berkeley off university ave by the taco bell. She is excellent and right on the money! Her phone number is 510-540-5616 Tell her Gail sent you. Gail

Psychics I've been receiving readings for years from an excellent psychic named Victoria Dadam. She's accurate, moderately priced, and a lovely person. Victoria used to live in Alameda and I saw her in person. Since she moved to Reno I've received readings from her by telephone. Many of my friends and relations also go to Victoria with questions and are quite satisfied with her readings. Her phone number in Reno is 775-787-1854. Carolyn

I JUST saw your request about psychics. Since I am a trained intuitive, and have been offering professional readings for over 12 years in Berkeley, I thought I would respond to your request. For me, a good pyschic reading offers information in a neutral and compassionate way that supports indivdual growth and awareness. In my own experience, both personally and professionally, I find that readings can bring clarity and/or healing to a variety of situations. I also believe that psychic information has to be connected to the body in order to be useful and transformative. I would be happy to talk with you about my own work or provide a trustworthy referral. Please feel free to call me at 510.525.0679. My name is Miriam Moussaioff. (I also teach workshops on intuition and am a Certified Rosen Bodywork Practitioner.) My email is miriamlm AT earthlink DOT net.


March 2003

I'm looking for an astrologer to create and interpret (in depth) a natal chart for my one year old. My mother had one done for me shortly after my birth and I've kept it my whole life and have found it interesting and often insightful to read. I figure even if my son is never really interested in it when he's older, at least I'll have it for him and in the meantime it will be fun for me! Ideally, I'd like someone in the bay area whom I can meet in person and get a feeling for instead of an online service, although I welcome any/all recommended sources. Thank you! poppy

When I was trained as an astrologer (20 years ago), the focus of my training was on character--getting insight into people's strengths and barriers--not ''fortune telling.'' I was discouraged by the many professional astrologers with whom I trained from reading babies and children. They thought the possibility of self-fulfilling ''prophecy'' was stronger for a child. In other words, an adult generally has some sense of who she/he is and can agree or disagree with the reading, while a child (or the parent of a child) can more easily be influenced. With that in mind, I made a general rule in my practice as an astrologer that I would not read children. (I also did not do predictions for anyone of any age.)

That said, when my own child was born I ordered a natal chart with interpretation by Liz Greene, a PhD in psychology and one of the most respected astrologers in the world. I rarely look at it, but occasionally when I am stumped by some quirk in my child's character I pull it out in the hope of insight.

Liz Greene's interpretations are extraordinarily on the mark. You can find out more about her services and her books at An Astrologer Mom

I highly recommend Andrea Mallis, who has been studying astrology for over 15 years. Her business is called Virgo in Service. She has a great website,, and is the team astrologer for the Oakland A's! She's very meticulous person and detail-oriented. (She is, after all, a Virgo!) She offers a variety of services, from basic natal charts, to more in-depth information. Call her at 874-4911. Good luck! fellow earth traveller