Need a co-parenting therapist - Angry ex-husband

I'm looking for recommendations for a therapist who can help me navigate co-parenting my wonderful 15-year old son with an angry, hostile ex-husband. My ex has severe anger issues, and I'm worried about what and how he's behaving around my son. I don't fear for my son's physical safety; it's the subtle manipulation and messages that worry me. Ex barely communicates with me, screams profanities at me, refuses to help pay tuition to my son's school (he earns $400k a year; I earn $50k). The list goes on.

We've reached critical mass and need a rational, reasonable person to help us align our expectations and behaviors around our son.

Thank you for any recommendations.

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Hands down, Chandler Hoffman is the best, especially when dealing with angry husbands.

 One divorce tip that has worked for me, is to only communicate by email.  No texting or conversations.  That won't solve all the issues of an angry ex-spouse but it might help a little bit.

I would highly recommend Alexis Adorador: