Is this nanny-share rate reasonable?

Hey all! (Soon-to-be) first time parent here looking to get some advice about a rate on a slightly interesting nanny share situation.

We have a lead on a nanny who seems really great and experienced (7+ years, referral from a friend of a friend), but looking around the board I wasn't sure whether the rate was too high or whether it was in the ballpark.

We live in Berkeley, the nanny would be commuting from Alameda (!). We're nanny-sharing with a friend who only needs a nanny for 3 days out of the week, while we need all five. Standard 40hrs/week, holidays. Both kids would be about 4-6 months old at the start. The nanny offered $25/hr for one kid (which we would pay for 2 days out of the week) and then $20/hr *per kid* (= total $40/hr) for both kids.

From what I've read, the $25/hr for a single child seems totally fair, but I wasn't sure about the $20/hr per kid for both. We're not really balking at it to be honest since we can afford it and the nanny seems genuinely great, but as first-timers we would just love some reassurance that we're in a reasonable ballpark. Do these rates seem generally reasonable to you folks?

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$25/hr seems low -- I have found the standard rate to be around $30/hr plus some sort of benefits. It would be advisable to research the current Californian Domestic Workers laws which have changed quite a bit, and are very clear about required breaks, taxes to be paid, etc. ( department of industrial relations) Check out all your hidden expenses before making a final decision. Good luck.

Hi!  We started a nanny share with our child at the same age as your children.  I talked to about 15 different nannies and rates were $13-20 per hour per child in a shared care situation. The rates for two children seems high but there are many factors to consider including how you plan to handle nanny payment and your expectations of the nanny’s duties.  I’ve seen some families have a lower hourly rate but provide a weekly supplement for mileage.  Good luck.

It's on the slightly higher end of the nanny share rate, but not crazy high, especially considering that she seems to have a good amount of experience and a trusted referral. I can't remember exactly what we paid for a nanny share situation back in 2017 but I think it was like $17 or $18 and that experience wasn't great. I think you could pay a bit less if you kept looking but sounds like you're OK with the cost, able to afford it, and feel comfortable with this person taking care of your kiddo. Since you're not in need of care for a little while, you have time to find someone else if you felt like continuing your search. Good luck, and congrats on becoming parents! 

Hi!  When we did a nanny share a couple years ago (our son was less than a year old, and he just turned four) that was what we paid - $20/hr from each family. Hope that helps! 

That sounds like a lot to me for 2 kids. Our current nanny for our nanny share is fantastic and she charges 22/ hr for 1 child, 15/ hr each for 2 kids, and 13/ hr each for 3 kids. She set this rate and we all thought it was reasonable.

I personally have never heard of such a big gap between rates for 1 child and 2. I would expect it to be closer to $28 or $30 for two kids, if her rate for one is $25. Perhaps she is padding it a bit more, knowing that she won't get the share rate the full 5 days a week. We have done both nanny share and had our own dedicated nanny. Same as you, we could afford either option.  We LOVED the nanny share, but there were certain tradeoffs, namely the inconvenience of having to do daily drop offs/pick ups/meal and snack packing (we were not the host family). For us this was more than made up for since we were paying $15/hour and of course the social connection for our daughter. However now that we have enjoyed the great convenience of having our own nanny, I'm not sure we would go for a nanny share if we weren't getting significant cost savings. Your situation may be very different from ours if you are the host family and already personal friends with the other nanny share family (presumably you will have fewer tradeoffs). 

That seems high for a two child rate. Four years ago when our family and one other interviewed nannies for a nanny share, the range the nannies we interviewed were asking for was $26-$30 per hour for two kids. Of course the cost of living has gone up in four years but even taking that into account $40 seems high. On the other hand, if you really want this nanny and you can afford it, maybe it’s worth it. 

Hi! We have a nanny share with a wonderful nanny with about the same amount of experience. When she started with us our son was 3 months and we paid her $23/hour for just him. When the other family joined a few months later, their daughter was about 4 months and our son 6-7 months and we each pay $15/hr for a total of $30. When I was looking things up (admittedly about 1.5 years ago), the general consensus was that average for the area was between $14/hr per kid to $18/hr per kid for shares and $20-$30/hr for single kids. Seems like it may be a bit on the high side but not so out of the ballpark that it's unreasonable. If you like the nanny and you can afford it, I'd say you should go for it. Finding a great nanny who will provide the right environment for your kid is not as easy as you'd think. We had some less than great experiences with temporary folks before we found the wonderful woman who takes care of our kids now. And to be honest, we're extremely undemanding in most ways. We just wanted someone who seemed to like kids, wanted to help them in the most basic ways, and who wasn't going to be super anxious. Beyond that, other things are a bonus from our perspectives.

We pay $30/hour for infant twins -- and I think a nanny share is more difficult since the nanny has to deal with two families.  So it seems generally reasonable to me.

But more importantly, if you feel excited about the nanny and it's a rate you can afford, go for it! Having someone you trust to care for your children is invaluable. Child care workers as a whole are tremendously undervalued, so if there's anyone it's worth not worrying about paying a bit more than market rate, it's them.

$40/hour is steep for 2 babies! From what I’ve heard (and paid when our baby was 5 months old, just last year) is $26/hour for 2 babies. Our nanny was also experienced with great references. We also paid for 2 weeks vacation and paid holidays. $26-30/hr for 2 babies seems to be consistent with what I’ve heard from others. Since she is commuting a distance, you could offer mileage reimbursement. 

I pay my nanny $22over the table And we have a share with another family who also plays for $22an hour off the table. 
this is 40 hours a week plus. She also gets two weeks paid  vacation time +11 paid state holiday and of course sick days. 
when I was in the process of looking for a nanny over or you go go many nannies were charging $25-$30.
It’s understandable as it can be very expensive to live in here. 
I really like our nanny and feel that she is well worth The money we pay.