Music Performer for 2 Year Olds Birthday!

I am looking for recommendations for music entertainment for a 2 year olds birthday party in May. Neither SingJam or Mariela are available, but we're looking for something like that. Maybe a half hour show/sing along at the park. All suggestions are welcome! Thank you.

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I recommend checking out Viola's Notes. We attended many of her group classes when my son was in the 0-5 range and we always enjoyed them.

I don't know his name, but I see a guy regularly teaching a kid's music class at Arlington Park on Saturday mornings. I wonder if you googled it, you could find him. He seems very friendly from what I've seen from a distance.

I highly recommend Ms Stephanie Pepitone / Rockin Kids Sing Along.  She is amazing!!  She connects well with kids and parents, has positive energy, keeps kids engaged and her songs are fun and educational!

I highly recommend Stephanie Pepitone! You can listen to some of her songs on her website: My son has been doing her Zoom music classes twice per week for the past year, and we love it. We also hired her to do my son's Zoom birthday party a few months back. She has a huge list of songs you can choose from for the party and was willing to learn a new song just for my son's party. Getting to know her and attend her Zoom classes over the past year has been an absolute bright spot in this crazy pandemic year - I recommend you check her out!