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  • Music Performer for 2 Year Olds Birthday!

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    I am looking for recommendations for music entertainment for a 2 year olds birthday party in May. Neither SingJam or Mariela are available, but we're looking for something like that. Maybe a half hour show/sing along at the park. All suggestions are welcome! Thank you.

    I recommend checking out Viola's Notes. We attended many of her group classes when my son was in the 0-5 range and we always enjoyed them.

    I don't know his name, but I see a guy regularly teaching a kid's music class at Arlington Park on Saturday mornings. I wonder if you googled it, you could find him. He seems very friendly from what I've seen from a distance.

    I highly recommend Ms Stephanie Pepitone / Rockin Kids Sing Along.  She is amazing!!  She connects well with kids and parents, has positive energy, keeps kids engaged and her songs are fun and educational!

    I highly recommend Stephanie Pepitone! You can listen to some of her songs on her website: My son has been doing her Zoom music classes twice per week for the past year, and we love it. We also hired her to do my son's Zoom birthday party a few months back. She has a huge list of songs you can choose from for the party and was willing to learn a new song just for my son's party. Getting to know her and attend her Zoom classes over the past year has been an absolute bright spot in this crazy pandemic year - I recommend you check her out!

  • Musician for 3-year-old's birthday

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    Does anyone have a recommendation for a musician / guitarist to play at our 3-year-old twins' birthday party?  I saw some older posts but haven't seen anything recent.

    Thank you!


    Mariella did a great show for of my son's birthday in both English and Spanish. She can be reached at 510-978-7837

    We loved Mariela who played for our son's 3rd birthday and gave music lessons at the preschool. Mariela's Music Time.

    Michael Ryther is also a twin who is an elementary school teacher and has released a children’s album celebrating earth day.   He’s great with kids.  He is a dear friend of mine since childhood.   Mention:  Esperanza sent you

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Kiddie birthday party musician

March 2012

Can anyone recommend a musician I can hire to lead kiddies in song for 30-40 minutes on a sunday afternoon at my 4 year old's birthday party? Names and rates would be awesome. S.

Susan Zelinsky (otherwise known as Susan Z) is a great children's performer. She does birthday parties, has led children's music classes & has some children's music CDs out too. you can email her at susanzmusic [at] and/or check out her website at As a parent at my children's preschool she often shared her talents with the children there, leading music circle times. She has a wonderful way of connecting with kids and great music too! Janet

Music for 2 years birthday party

Feb 2011

Hi, I am looking for someone to entertain around 10 toddlers, I would love to have someone that can bring some instruments for the kids. Thank you Elinor

Cowboy Jared is very good at engaging and entertaining kids. Rachael

If you are looking for a friendly, talented musician to play at your child's party, I would recommend Jenn Guitart. She plays guitar and sings wonderful songs for the children at my daughter's preschool, Duck's Nest School of Arts and Sciences in Oakland. She's great! My daughter loves to go to school the days that she playing for them; she also leads the children through performances at school events. She lives in Oakland and her email is: jenn.guitart [at] Meredith

Musician for a 3yr old's bday party

Nov 2007

There are some reviews online, but they are several years old. I would love to hear from parents who hired a musician to entertain little ones at a birthday party. My son will be 3 soon and we are thinking of having music at the party to keep the kids occupied. We need something economical, as our budget is tight right now. Thank you for sharing your musical gems! ana

Andy Z is fabulous for that age. He did my daughter's 4th birthday party and it was a hit with kids and parents. He performs a few times each Winter at Studio Grow. Andy Z Mom to an Andy Z groupie

One of my 3 y.o. daughter's friends had Enzo come to her birthday party. He did a great job keeping all the kids engaged and entertained and I would highly recommend him. The party was in S.F., but I'd be surprised if he refused something in the East Bay. More info on his website - Jessica

I would HIGHLY recommend the wonderful Cowboy Jared! I've heard him perform several times at events where I was face painting; he's easy on adult ears, and kids find him enchanting. Good luck! Alana

Music for 3yr olds birthday party

Oct 2006

Hi, Can anyone recommend a good musician, guitar player or the like, for a 3 year olds sat. afternoon birthday party? Thanks anon

We hired Renee Benmeleh from Music Together (925-376-5652, release71 [at] for our son's third birthday which was outdoors with a huge group of kids that varied in age. She was wonderful! In addition to singing, she brought sticks, shakers, bells, etc for the kids to use to make music. They LOVED her and the adults had fun with it too! I'd highly recommend it. Have fun! Kim

Music for 4-year-old's party

May 2005

We're throwing a shebang for our daughter's 4th birthday, and want someone to play music and really engage the kids. Bonnie Lockhart would be great, but she's got another gig that day (May 16). Any suggestions would be welcome .... may

I highly recommend Tamsen Fynn for an entertaining, fun and musical party for your 4 year old (and for anyone else looking for great b-day party ideas). Tamsen is excellent at engaging children of all ages. She is a great musician who writes original children's music as well as performs kids' favorite ''standards.'' She is available for birthday parties providing 45 minutes of Songs and Movement. She will work with you to tailor it to your requests, themes and ages of kids. She also has fun props, and instruments to share. I believe her current rate is $150 and prefers a 15 child maximum. Tamsen also performs family concerts throughout the Bay Area as part of Orange Sherbet. We just saw them last week at La Pena and loved every minute of it. Contact Info: Tamsen Fynn 415-302-6257
More about Orange Sherbet at

Musical entertainers for 3-year-old's party

Aug. 2003

Can onyone recommend a good entertainer for a 3 year old birthday party in Berkeley? There will be only 8 children all between the ages of 2.5 and 4. We prefer not to have balloon makers and magicians. We were hoping to find someone who plays the guitar and knows lots of children songs. Any other suggestions? Diana

My son's Music Together teacher Renee Benmeleh recently posted about her availability for childrens birthday parties. My son (3 years old) absolutely loved her, and even though we no longer are in classes, he still talks about her. I searched the messages and found her contact info for you.

Our family has seen two performances by Gayle Schmitt and we love her. I'm not sure if she does private home shows, but she performs often in the SF schools. Gayle emphasizes dance and movement over 'lap songs', so you'll need to have some space where kids can jump, march, etc. Contact her or order her wonderful children's cd at the following address: Deirdre

I can't recommend anyone in particular, but try contacting Music Together ( I went to a birthday party with my daughter and a Music Together teacher was there as the entertainment. It was really enjoyable. She had instruments for the kids and was great at getting everyone involved. Liz O.

We have seen Gary Lapow perform at the Kensington library and at the Buddy Club shows and I think he would be great for what you're looking for. Guitar, fun and silly songs, spontaneous and will include the birthday child in fun ways. I think he does private birthday parties. I don't have a # but you could contact the Buddy Club ( they would either give you a contact phone # or they would be able to arrange for him or another performer for you. Also fun who we've seen through the buddy club is the Bubble Lady, great performer with lots and lots of bubbles including the kids can be inside a giant bubble. anon

January 2003

My daughter will turn 3 in February and we are planning to have her first real birthday party on Saturday the 22nd of Feb. We were going to hire a well-known east bay children's musician, but he seems to be a flake. Therefore, at the last minute, I am without entertainment. My daughter loves to dance and sing, and we are planning to bring lots of fun percussion instuments for the kids (about 8 - 10 of them) and adults (about 20 of them) to use. We are also musical instrument goody bags for the kids. We would love to hire someone for two 20-30 minute sets who will play guitar, sing kids' favorite songs and get the kids excited and dancing. HELP. I am running out of time! Lisa

Unity Nguyen is a great children's musician. She is music teacher for my both children and one of their friends in their respective schools. She just did my youngest daughter's third BD party (just as you've described the one you want), and kids loved it. She works specifically with this age group and knows how to make music and dance so exciting for them. Unity plays about every European and Asian instrument you know, professionally. You can reach her at unity_n at or (510) 594-1608. She is great, you won't regret it! Maria

For our daughter's fifth birthday we had Christopher Smith, a experienced local musician/kindergarten teacher at Neil Cummins School in Corte Madera. He's knows children (and the grown ups love him, too!) He used to play music/read stories for a local independent bookstore on Sunday mornings. He'd be great! Contact him through Neil Cummins School at 415-927-6965. mcc

have you tried Asheba? we had him at my daughter's 2 year party and everyone said it was the best party they had ever been to. carribean folk versions of children's songs as well as some great originals. he is a pleasure to have around and is wonderful with kids. check him out/contact him at et

Several Music Together teachers are available for birthday parties. We will bring percussion instruments for everyone to use, a guitar and a big repertoire of really fun (for kids and adults) music. We are always happy to include your child's familiar favorites. Please call Music Together. They can all provide you with references from previous birthday party appearances. Have fun! Julie

Why don't you contact Music Together? They are terrific and have many wonderful teachers. We especially love Julie and Allegra. You can contact them at Good luck. I'm sure you will be able to find someone. Madeleine

It sounds like Bonnie Lockhart would fit the bill perfectly. She sings weekly at my daughter's preschool and the kids just love her. We've seen her perform at the library and at a party (my daughter is a dedicated groupie!); she was great at inspiring the kids to sing, clap and move. I don't have her number but you might be able to get it through Bananas or La Pena. Janet