Middle School in East Bay with Strong Social Emotional Program

Can anyone recommend a middle school in the El Cerrito to Oakland area that isn’t particularly academically rigorous and has a strong social emotional program and a diverse student population?

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 We were looking for exactly the same thing for our son and ended up at The Berkeley School. It’s exactly what you’re describing. I wish my kid was more academic but he’s just not. What he really needed help with was his social/emotional life and TBS is all about that. It’s been great for him. 

Hi there - I think Claremont Middle School in the Rockridge neighborhood of Oakland fits that bill -- it has a very diverse population (both ethnically and economically) and focuses a lot on school culture, restorative justice, etc.  It is/was academically rigorous enough for our kids but accommodates a broad spectrum of skill levels.  We are extremely pleased with our experience there.

EPIC would be a great choice! It's in the Fruitvale neighborhood in Oakland. So would our school, ASCEND, as it's a K-8. However, I'm not sure if we have any middle school openings. EPIC does, I think. Good luck!

It may be a little out of your area range...but I really enjoyed having my son at Alameda Academy.

We love the East Bay School for Boys.  Located a block from CAL, it's got a vibrantly diverse staff and student body and it does a wonderful job of cultivating social-emotional learning.  The academics have been great for our son as well, but more than anything we have been watching our now 8th grader take charge of his academic life, be more caring and responsible, be social engaged and become very skillful about living a life that is creative and meaningful.  A lot of what happens there is great modeling from wonderful teachers who care deeply about the kids.  Good luck with your search - there is an Information Night this Wed. night in case life allows for it.