Residential programs for depressed teen?

I am wondering about a few different programs for my daughter who is having difficulties with depression. We currently have her in an IOP but are thinking that maybe she needs something more intensive to help her turn the corner.  I would like to hear from parents about what helped most. I would also like to know if any one has had their teen in Paradigm in San Rafael or another RTC in the area? Also, has anyone tried Polaris in SoCal? Please let me know of any resources you found to be helpful.

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Sorry about your daughter. You need an educational consultant; these are professionals that know the various programs, visit them, know the therapists, etc. It really stinks that they cost several thousand dollars, but you are about to make a huge investment in residential treatment and there is no way that with websites and phone calls and even visits that you will have the knowledge and insight on all these programs. There are recommendations on BPN for ed consultants. We waited too long to get an ed consultant and spent 3 months and a lot of money on a program that was not really the right starting point, so I have experience in this unhappy area.

I have a close friends that put their daughter in Paradigm in San Rafael. Their daughter started to improve after about six weeks there. I have heard only great things about Paradigm. It is expensive but worth it.    If your daughter stays at home, then I would highly recommend her having sessions with a counselor at Discovery Counseling Center  Discovery Counseling Center is not a Crisis center but they have specialists that work with teen depression.  I would recommend them before going to Paradigm if money is an issue.