Martial Arts in COVID era for 15-yo?

Hi BPN, my 15-year-old has recently shown some interest in trying a martial arts class. He doesn't like Zoom classes, so we're hoping for in-person. (He's vaccinated and will mask up.) Hard to tell if some of the local martial arts places are still having classes, but if so, an ideal fit would be: LGBTQ+ friendly, good w/ teens who have no experience. Even better if some other students are his age. He is open-minded regarding the type of martial arts. Close to Berkeley is a plus. Thank you!

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My BHS student attends in-person classes at the US Shaolin Kung Fu studio in Oakland Chinatown - short walk to Lake Merritt BART station. The two coaches are great and meet each students where they are. There is a huge range of skills and ages. My son has been there since he was five, but he can be in class with young adults who are training for their first belt level. I think the first trial class is free. Bonus: he gets PE credit for his Kung fu classes. 

I'd do some pretty thorough research to see if they're adhering to proper protocols for COVID. I don't know how one would do that with a martial arts class, but he'll likely be in pretty close contact with others during the class so it's something to consider. Alternately, you may want to look at private lessons so that he's only interacting with the instructor. It can be pricey, but it might be the best option right now if you're on the cautious side.