Martial Arts Class with Sparring?

We recently moved to Berkeley.  My 11-year old was attending a martial arts class called Kar-Do-Jitsu Ryu Karate before we moved and would like to find something similar in Berkeley or nearby.  The instructor would give classes where the children learned various techniques and katas (sp?).  He would also have sparring sessions where the students could practice their moves on each other in a controlled way, wearing gloves and headgear, etc.  Can anyone recommend a similar class, preferably with a sparring component (she really liked that aspect)?  Thanks! 

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You might try the Shotokan Karate Institute. They are located near the freeway in Albany/Richmond (easy to get to). It is a very traditional dojo. My son was there from 4th to 12th grade.

East Bay Seido, on Bonita Avenue near downtown Berkeley, has classes like that, although full-on sparring isn’t allowed until a student is a green belt for safety reasons. If your daughter is willing to be a little patient, though, the instruction is excellent.

Both of my daughters attended the children’s and teens classes from six years old on, and have recently “graduated” to the adult program (at 16 years old).

One huge bonus of taking classes at East Bay Seido from my girls’ point of view is that if you live in Berkeley and are in the public schools, the dojo has a relationship with Berkeley High; students who are taking classes at EBS can waive their  high school PE requirements.

We do Kuk Sool Won -

Kuk Sool Won is a comprehensive martial arts system that encompasses many of the other martial arts you have heard about like Tae Kwon Do, Akido, Judo, etc.   Sparring is a part of KSW from the start, simply google Kuk Sool Won sparring to see photos. 

There are dojangs all over, including one in Berkeley, however, we go to the one in San Francisco where it used to be headquartered & many of the people who originally worked with the Grand Master are still practicing, but the headquarters moved to Texas because they wanted more space to practice with traditional weapons like various swords, spears, rope, bow & arrow, horses, etc...there are 24 different traditional Royal Court weapons within the tradition of KSW as well as sparring.  Also it includes meditation, breathing, etc. 

Good Luck!