Martial arts class for preteen

Can anyone recommend a martial arts class or style for a preteen boy who does not have previous experience?  Seeking an encouraging and affirming environment in the Berkeley/Albany/el Cerrito area.  Thanks for any ideas!  

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I highly recommend Aikido Shusekai in Berkeley. I and both of our children are students there, and it's been wonderful - the kids range in age from 7 to 12, and they do a superb job of working with each other, training in a focused way, and having fun. I train with the kids myself on Thursdays just because they bring so much new depth to my own practice, and it's been one of the most powerful bonding experiences I've had with them. Previous experience is not required in any way; several of the kids joined in September with no martial arts experience to speak of, and they're doing great.

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Hanabi Judo in Albany at San Pablo/Solano. My son began there at 14 with no previous experience and easily transitioned into the community. He started going 3x a week and now, at 16, happily goes 5x a week and attends the tournaments. It has worked out really well and this was after a few fails.

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I highly recommend Hanabi Judo in Albany. They are very family oriented and excellent with kids. For parents they have “parents night out” and summer camp for the kids.