Looking for recommendations for total kitchen remodel

My house was built in 1910 and the kitchen has never been updated (other than the adding of electric and appliances).  I have lead paint on cabinets that don't shut and a barely functional place to prepare food. I am looking for recommendations for a contractor to update my kitchen and available to start this summer. I have a one year old who is starting to walk and I am eager to get those lead cabinets out of the house! Thanks in advance for your recs! 

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Contractors are busy right now because anyone stuck at home who has any disposable income is doing every project they can think of.

But. My best friend got together with a contractor from Wisconsin who's moved out here to be with her -- I was VERY reluctant to hire him because of the possible strain, if I wasn't satisfied, to my friend's and my relationship. He turned out to be aces. Older guy, can do ANYTHING, and has a monster work ethic -- can get stuff done f-a-s-t, and is a perfectionist, an appealing combo platter. He just redid cabinets and counter tops in my kitchen, as well as painting, tile -- you name it. He also has tasteful design ideas. I don't think his license is valid in CA, but for what you describe, you may be looking for a high end carpenter anyway. (And getting permits right now is a nightmare.) I recommend him because not that many people (other than, well, me) know about him yet! You are welcome to come over here and look at his work, if you like, appropriately distanced and masked, of course. His name is Mark Griffin, his number is (510) 612 0790, and you can tell him that Leslie said you could look at his work...