Looking for preschool for son with social anxiety


My 3,5y old son was recently diagnosed with social anxiety. At home he is a very outgoing kid, that loves to play and basically do anything a 3y old does. At school he is shy and does not engage with peers. I’m looking for a preschool (Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito) that has experience with kids with social anxiety or kids that have difficulties warming up. Any recommendations or suggestions are more than welcome. 


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Hi! We went with a co-op preschool, ECPC, which I realize not everyone can do. My daughter was absolutely terrified and spend the first several months glued to one particular teacher, who kindly and patiently waited for her to become comfortable with her friends and surroundings. The photos tell the whole story - in her first year class photo, she's standing off to the side, glaring at the camera; in her second-year class photo, she is front and center, sitting criss-cross applesauce with her gang of "jungle girrrrrls!" The nice thing about a co-op is that a parent can be on-site without being in the kid's face all the time. I'm very grateful that we had this opportunity. She's still shy! But she very bravely deals with it.