Looking for elder care attorney

I'm looking for recommendations for attorneys that specializes in elder law regarding how to qualify for Medi-Cal.  We have a parent with dementia and trying to figure out to how to pay for memory care for the long haul.

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i am an estate planning attorney in Berkeley, but do not handle the complex issue you need, planning to qualify for a MediCare nursing home. It is a complex subject in which careful planning is required since the Medicare rules and look-back requirements must be met. Greg Wilcox, in Berkeley, is a specialist in this area. i have referred clients to him who are satisfied. 

I used Chris Packard, http://www.packardadvisoryservices.com/. He's a consultant who helps you navigate medi-cal. IMO, much more practical than an attorney -- we tried them first, but the ones we called couldn't give a cost estimate and I got the sense that they'd prefer elder issues that have a higher billable-hours potential :) Chris isn't the only consultant I've worked with -- but these dedicated medicaid consultants are, well, focused on getting the elder qualified for medicaid. Good luck!