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HMO plans / Medicare+ for Seniors

May 2004

At 66, mother is re-immigrating here from Belgium. She is still a US citizen, and is registered for Medicare. I am just starting to look into Medicare + Choice Plans and Medigap plans, and in spite of research, am still confused about the pros and cons of each. What do you know about the differences between these two options? Also, does anyone have any opinion and/or experience about either Kaiser's Sr. Advantage or Pacificare's Horizon plan? Finally, what exactly does open enrollment mean? The Medicare website says that applicants are able to take advantage of open enrollment (for Medicare + plans) in the first six weeks after signing up for Medicare B. Does that mean that that she can not be rejected for preexisting conditions? She just found out that she has early signs of cancer of the bladder and will need long term treatment and monitoring. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Contact the Health Insurance Counselling and Advocacy Program (HICAP). It is affiliated with Legal Assistance for Seniors and located in Oakland. (510) 832-3040. Debbie

Advisor For Elder's Medical Coverage

Oct 2002

Hello, I am looking for a private individual or a non-profit agency to advise me on very specific quesions concerning the following issues: making an elderly person qualify for MediCal, MediCare or finding affordable private medical coverage for an elderly (under 65) person with severe pre-existing medical conditions If you or someone you know have used such an adviser please give me her/his contact info. Maria

Jewish Family Services is an excellent resource for eldercare of all sorts. I don't have their number but they are in Oakland. It might be called Jewish Family and Children's services. You don't have to be Jewish to work with them. anon

If you are in Alameda County, try Legal Assistance for Seniors 510-832-3040 in Oakland. Paula

Call your local Area Agency on Aging (which you can find in the phonebook). They have an information and referral line and can help find services for you at no charge. They also have volunteers that will help with the Medicaid insurance questions you have. Juliette