Long-Term Electric Bike Rental

Does anyone know where I can rent long-term (1 month or more) an electric bike? Thinking of purchasing, but expensive.  I want to be sure. 

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RE: Long-Term Electric Bike Rental ()

Have you checked with Sports Basement? I know that they have monthly bike rentals, though the inventory is sometimes a bit low.

Also, we have an electric bike we used for several years to transport kids. DM if you want to chat about our experience. 

RE: Long-Term Electric Bike Rental ()

Try Hank and Frank.  They have been around for ever and should be able to assist you.
If you do a month rental, I would try to get the money you pay for the rental to be applied to the purchase of the bike if you decide to buy.

RE: Long-Term Electric Bike Rental ()

Xtracycle just opened a store in Mill Valley, and they are doing rentals. Might be worth checking with them!