Labeling Clothes & Day Care Items

Hi! We are about to send our little boy back to Day Care and need to get everything labeled : |

Would love any recommendations for...

- Iron-on label brand/company that has worked well on clothing, bags, sleeping bags

- Stamp brand/company that has worked well on other items (sunscreen, shoes, nappy and wipe bags)

Gratefully, v

Parent Replies

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Not glamorous but I have found a black Sharpie marker does the trick! I use it on everything! For things like socks, underwear, etc I usually buy a larger affordable pack from Target so not too upset if they don’t make it home. 

Oh the other thing I wanted to mention is wrapping the bottles with painters tape in a bright color and then writing with Sharpie on the tape. It’s worked for me now going on 9 years and 3 kids!

I like NameBubbles, which makes stickers that stay on through years of dishwasher and laundry loads. 

We love Mabel's Labels. They really stay on! 

Mabel’s Labels!  They stick to everything and stay on for years. Been using them since my kids were 2, and they’re 9 now. 👍

I’ve used Name Bubbles for labels in the past, and they’re good. That said, I’ve mostly transitioned to sharpie as my kids have gotten older. I’ve found that we rarely get things back labeled or not. They land in the lost and found, and we have to dig through and find them there. I don’t think we’ve ever gotten anything truly lost back (lunch boxes and jackets) even though I put phone numbers on them. So it stopped being worth buying labels for us no matter how well they worked.