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  • Labeling Clothes & Day Care Items

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    Hi! We are about to send our little boy back to Day Care and need to get everything labeled : |

    Would love any recommendations for...

    - Iron-on label brand/company that has worked well on clothing, bags, sleeping bags

    - Stamp brand/company that has worked well on other items (sunscreen, shoes, nappy and wipe bags)

    Gratefully, v

    Not glamorous but I have found a black Sharpie marker does the trick! I use it on everything! For things like socks, underwear, etc I usually buy a larger affordable pack from Target so not too upset if they don’t make it home. 

    Oh the other thing I wanted to mention is wrapping the bottles with painters tape in a bright color and then writing with Sharpie on the tape. It’s worked for me now going on 9 years and 3 kids!

    I like NameBubbles, which makes stickers that stay on through years of dishwasher and laundry loads. 

    We love Mabel's Labels. They really stay on! 

    Mabel’s Labels!  They stick to everything and stay on for years. Been using them since my kids were 2, and they’re 9 now. 👍

    I’ve used Name Bubbles for labels in the past, and they’re good. That said, I’ve mostly transitioned to sharpie as my kids have gotten older. I’ve found that we rarely get things back labeled or not. They land in the lost and found, and we have to dig through and find them there. I don’t think we’ve ever gotten anything truly lost back (lunch boxes and jackets) even though I put phone numbers on them. So it stopped being worth buying labels for us no matter how well they worked.

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What's the best way to label clothes for camp?

June 2016


Sept 2004

I just wanted to let you know that in your postings regarding labeling clothing with children's names for daycare and school several people suggest labeling both the name and phone number of the family. Might want to reconsider that idea. Try typing your phone number (including area code of course) into the search engine google and it will likely come up with your name and address. Might be more information that you'd want a stranger to be able to come up with after your kids leaves a jacket at the playground. Probably paranoid but I'd rather lose the coat than my kid.

Where to buy clothing labels

June 2004

I am looking for a place to buy the clothing labels for the camp this summer. Please I need them last week! Kim

Office Depot has inkJet and Laser printer compatible iron-on transfer papers which make for great labels. Rachel

You can buy a permanant marker in your child's favorite color and write directly on the clothing. I usually write inside neckbands and on the waistbands. It's also important to label socks and shoes! Pat

Thank-you for helping me on the labels. Finally I did get some good clothing labels from a place at the web called they were not too expensive and nice one too! Thanks Kim

Where to get sewn-in name labels

Sept 1999

I'm looking for a place to order sew-in (or iron on) name tags for my son's clothes. I've tried a number of fabric stores and crafts stores and have been unsuccessful. Any ideas? Ann

This is a recommendation for Ann who was looking for a place to order sew-in (or iron on) name tags. I'd like to recommend: Freckles and Frills Children Shop (corner of Bancroft and Dutton) in San Leandro, phone (510) 638-1622. I've been very pleased with the work they have done for me. Berta

Poppy Fabrics in Oakland gave me the name of a company where you could order the tags. Also, I recently bought a Brother labeler at Costco, which makes all sorts of stick on labels. You can buy the cloth tapes that will fit this machine as well. So, if you should need a labeler for other things, this may be a good way to go. Jon

Poppy Fabrics in Oakland had some flyers for recommended places a couple of years ago. If they no longer have them, send me e-mail and I'll see if I can find the flyers I got from them. Fran

Several years ago I bought name tags from a company called Bell of Maine. The address I have is 20 Bell Building, P.O. Box 196, Lewiston ME 04243-0196. The telephone number is: 207-784-2964. At the time, they sold both the sew-in and iron-on types. Judy

When my daughter started preschool I sewed name tags in all of her clothes (which proved to be helpful in using them as hand me down's to her sister).
The company was NAME MAKER, INC. P.O. Box 43821 Atlanta, GA 30378-3601 1-800-241-2890 Ext.3 FAX 404-691-7711
I found the mail order form at a fabric store a few years ago so I don't know if they are still in business. Denise

I once ordered some very high quality woven name labels from a catalogue. The catalogue since stopped offering the product but the product information is as follows:
J & J Cash Ltd. Coventry CV49UZ, England Tel: (0203) 466466 Telex: 31397 Cash CVG Fax: (0203) 462525
I need to order some for my next 2 kids and haven't checked to see if there is a website or a catalogue.

Try Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts at 5791 Christie Ave in Emeryville. They had forms on top of the pattern cabinets to order labels when I stopped by a couple of months ago. Jane

I got about 100 name labels on a continuous tape (wide enough for a phone number, too) for $8.95 from Name Maker, Inc. (404) 691-2237. I paid a few dollars less when I got skinny labels with name only. If you request the brochure you may want to specify that you're interested in the personalized name tapes or they might instead send you the brochure for woven labels-- and those are quite expensive. Xanthippe

Just a note re: name labels. I ordered them from Namemaker on-line before the school year started and received them right away. I ordered a basic WHITE label that is on a LONG ROLL. You cut them off as you need them. I ordered the iron-ons but most times I end up tacking the labels in with thread anyway. One recommendation I'll make: when ordering order a tag with just your LAST NAME and phone number. That way, your NEXT child (assuming you'll be doing the hand-me-down thing) won't require re-labeling. Good luck. Tim

The NAME MAKER, which was mentioned in the last issue, is still around for making name labels for children's (or anyone else for that matter!) clothes. Just about a month ago I sent off for labels for my son's clothes and they did a fine job and were not expensive. Just to reiterate, their info is the following:
Name Maker Inc. 4450 Commerce Cir. Atlanta, GA 30336 1-800-241-2890 (404) 691-2237 FAX (404) 691-7711

Some people had suggested Name Maker to order sew-in name labels - just thought I'd let you know, I followed up that clue & found you can now order them ONLINE at . Only about $14 for 300 sew or iron-on labels. Thought you might want to post that info on the page - it's a lot more convenient to order online!

Kat (June 2000)

I did a search on the internet a while ago and got to read a letter from one of your parents who was looking for clothing labels for her kids. I just started a home based clothing label company, named LabelAtelier and I am selling iron-on clothing labels ! They are easy to apply and kids just love them because of the cute designs. I set up a website (
Inge Van den Abeele (Oct 2001)