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Hello! Trying to help a friend here who has a US working visa but otherwise, does not have much other resources. They do not use a computer (don't even think they own one), but I would like to see help do a search for them for job seeking fairs/services that they can attend or sign up for, along the lines of food service, child care, cleaning, etc. I tried to navigate the Contra Costa Employment & Human Services website, but this appeared to be for getting assistance FOR childcare, food, etc., which is not what I'm looking for at the moment. I don't have much experience in this, so would appreciate any resources. Thanks!

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Probably your best first stop is the computer lab at your friends local library. This is exactly the sort of question that the librarians there help people with on a regular basis and they probably already know several appropriate resources. You might call ahead to see when the best time to come in is. 
I’ll add that I helped a neighbor with a similar issue a few years ago and quickly discovered that MOST employers require you to apply online (on a computer, not a phone) now. I helped my neighbor apply for a cashier job at Home Depot and it included a mandatory and very confusing (for both of us) 80-question “morality questionnaire” administered by a third party. Hardly any chain stores accept paper applications now! Just something to keep in mind as you help on the search. Best of luck! 

If interested in retail, Target is hiring and they pay $18.50 an hour. There are jobs that do niot require computer literacy. I do recommend Adult Ed classes to develop computer literacy, though. It is the world we live in right now.

Try the OneStop Career Center. There are several locations in Contra Costa Co. They help people with resumes, job searches, computer access, etc. Your local library can most likely also point you to other resources depending on what specifically the person needs help with.

I would recommend you and your friend avail yourselves of the many resources at the library.  The Contra Costa library systems offers many free services that might be of help and of course, free use of library computers.

A colleague and friend volunteers at Upwardly Global by doing mock interviews, I believe.  Here's as link to their site:

Best of luck!