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  • Hello BPN,

    Our daughter is a recent college graduate, and would like to find a Recruiter who can help her land a job.  Neither of us has experience in doing this, and we are seeking advice from parents who may have ideas and suggestions for where to find and hire such a person.  Have you worked with someone good, that you can recommend?  Recommendations, ideas, and suggestions welcome!  Thanks. 

    This is not a thing. She should (re)connect with her college's career center for advice and support. I also recommend the website

    She should have a Linkedin profile, and look for interested companies there. Job postings are also plenty on Linkedin. For the most part, recruiters are hired by the company's HR and they usually poach experienced (mid-high level, seasoned) professionals. Recruiter fees are usually quite high, so entry level positions don't make financial sense for everyone. 

    For college graduates, her school's career center would be the best starting point, since she probably doesn't have a lot to write on her resume yet. They can coach her to provide relevant skillset/traits that companies would be interested in. Most big companies have relationship with colleges' career center and entry level jobs (that are actually attractive) are usually posted there. For example, many companies have rotation programs for high achieving graduates, these are mostly posted on career center job boards and company's website. Although, hiring season for that is usually Spring semester, for candidates to start right after graduation. It might be something to consider in the future.  

    Another suggestion: given the question asked, I suspect she doesn't have much internship experience. She should also put some focus on looking for those types of positions. Companies design internships specifically to attract and try out talents, the departments who hire internships usually put together meaningful projects that'll make interns' resume look quite nice. If interns perform well, they usually will get an offer (or at least will be kept in contact) at the end of the program. 

    I'm not sure whether that's a thing. What I'd recommend is for her to set up an account on LinkedIn, if she hasn't already. There's a setting she can switch on that lets recruiters know that she's looking for a job. That way, recruiters with job openings may reach out to her, and once she's in contact with them, they might be able to give her advice or connect her with other job opportunities in their portfolio. She can also directly apply to jobs through LinkedIn, and build a professional network that can be helpful when applying. College networking and recruiting events (should those still be a thing given the pandemic) are also a good way of getting your foot in the door. Good luck!

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April 2000

My husband is interested in changing careers from sales (retail) to marketing, which has been his major in college. So far he has tried posting his resume on line, and has been searching the paper for listings, but it doesn't seem to be a very fruitful way to find a job. Does anyone have any recommendations for a placement agency that specializes in this area of business? Or any other ideas for breaking into this field? Thanks.

Try, click on Advanced search, choose Full-time, State, area code(s)- 415, 510 or 925 and fill Keyword = marketing. You'll see tons of job listings (you might want to refine your search key). This is, I think, one of the better job search sites available. Most are recruiters. If you find one you're interested in, send a note to the email address given and attach your resume/cover letter. Very easy and fast.