ISO Therapist in Berkeley for depression covered by Blue Shield

Looking for a therapist, probably female, who I can talk with about my anxiety, depression, family/parenting concerns. Someone with a sense of humor. Someone warm and welcoming. Someone who accepts Blue Shield Insurance. 

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I'm not sure about the insurance but I recommend calling Lauren Finklestein. I can't recommend her highly enough.

I go to Heather Roselaren and have Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance. She helps me with my depression and family/parenting concerns. 510-527-1217

Hi there,

I recommend without resevation Marie Hopper ( Her office is in Albany, close to Solano Ave., and she also has a Lafayette office. The only insurance she accepts is Blue Shield. I have found her to be a  kind and patient therapist. I wouldn't be here without her.

Be well, good luck!

I had great success working with Mallika Bush for about 6 months last year ( for exactly the issues you're seeking help with. She is very flexible (after the first couple months, we ended up doing most of our sessions over Zoom during my toddler's naptime) and really helped me work through a lot of my kneejerk reactions to stress/stressors so that the next time my life hit a bump I was able to cope MUCH better. I opted not to submit claims to insurance b/c they required a diagnosis code and I was a little gun-shy about giving myself a pre-existing mental health condition given the uncertain state of healthcare right now, but Mallika will provide you with the necessary paperwork to submit as an out-of-network provider. Hope this helps!