ISO: Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Program for Adolescents

It's becoming clear that my 17-year-old (very soon to be 18-year-old) son can no longer live safely at home, if we continue on the path we're on.  I'm searching for a program to address cannabis addiction and an eating disorder (ARFID), both underlain by anxiety.  I'm open to intensive options while living at home, or a residential facility.  I would be grateful for any recommendations for programs, facilities, or interventionists / consultants who can help find a good fit program or facility.

With gratitude.

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I'm sorry for this challenge with your young adult. It's not uncommon and there are several places that help with mental health issues coupled with substance abuse. One that we used and really liked is in St. George, UT called At The Crossroads. They have a residential therapeutic program for youth in high school through ~24 years of age. They have mental health staff for individual and group therapy and medication management, as well as advocates who work with each person on life skills. They help with school, work, whatever the goals are for the individual. They live in same sex housing in the community and have a central office to support everyone. It's very expensive, but you can see what might be covered through your health insurance. Their business office wasn't very good at helping with health insurance issues at the time, but I think they are getting better.